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  • When and how are you going to inform applicants about Alpha test?
    Applicants will be informed via e-mail before Alpha tests begin. (Do not respect any kind of info except than RiseOnlineWorld.com and official channels)
  • When will Rise Online World be released?
    It's hard to announce a release date if the game is an MMORPG. There is no release date as of yet. Alpha test will be made on March or April. Stay tuned for more information!
  • Is the game F2P?
    Yes, you 'll be able to download and play the game for free. In addition, there will be an in game store system. But we will minimize the difference between the player who spends money and the one who does not.
  • Is it going to be on Steam or Epic Games Store?
    There is no plan about it for now. We are focused on improving the game for now.
  • Which languages will be available in the game?
    Since the game will be published globally, it will be English in the first stage. Other native languages ​​will be added later.
  • What are the system requirements?
    The game is still under development. It will be announced after Alpha test.
  • In the video, I sensed some of the games. Can you explain it?
    We, like every game company, examined many of the games that were made in this genre (even other cool games) in the past, inspired by the good things, avoided the bad ones. Our goal is to provide players with an immersive and fluid gaming experience that they can quickly blend into.
  • Some skills are similar to various games. Why?
    Considering that more than 1 million games have been released so far, it is one of the reactions to every game. Each player will find something similar to the games he/she has played before. But it is completely original.
  • Will there be races in the game? And how about Solo Play?
    There will be 2 main races in our game. The names and stories of these breeds will be shared very soon. In addition, both Solo Play and Group Play will find a place in the game. So we didn't forget the solo players.
  • How will you deal with things like freezing, lag, cheating, bug in the game?
    We will minimize the negative game experience by fixing the errors that will arise in the game as soon as possible while struggling with cheating in very short time with the feedback of our valuable players. We have an understanding of management and support that always listens to the players.
  • Will every player be able to play this game on their computers? Graphics look very detailed.
    The graphics of our game are very high, but we have stabilized them in terms of gameplay. Nobody can present the perfection at the first stage. However we believe that we'll make our game close to perfection with instant and fast interventions in line with the feedback of you players.
  • How will you deal with the requests of players?
    We are gonna respond every request of players as soon as possible. It's the one thet we are the most ambitious about it. We are sure that if we listen players, our game will be much better in the future.
  • Why didn't you announce the game before and suddenly you appeared?
    Confidentiality is the most important principle in such large projects. And again we didn't want to give hope anyone before we reached a serious stage.
  • Is it the first MMORPG made in Turkey?
    It is the first MMORPG made in Turkey with improved Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) and huge open world map.