[Patch Notes] 3.0.3

[Patch Notes] 3.0.3



1- Auction House system has been activated. Fixed the issue where you could stack stackable items in the Market twice.
2- Work has been done on event entry errors. Users who get an error on the login screen will start on the event map when they connect to the game again.
3- The problem of skill bar sticking to the mouse has been fixed.
4- R.O.W. Assistant testing process terminated.
5- Power Up, Magic Puppet and Repair Hammer items have been added to the store. Click for details.
Power Up = R.O.W. available with Roco. Assistant extension scroll. (3 hours)
Magic Puppet = R.O.W. Assistant extension scroll. (7 hours)
Repair Hammer = R.O.W. Item repair scroll that can be used with Assistant. (20 pieces)


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