Rise Online World Alpha 2.0 Announcement

Rise Online World Alpha 2.0 Announcement


All you need to know about Alpha 2.0

* Alpha 2 is gonna be released on 23th April, at 21:00 (GMT+3). All mmorpg lovers are invited.

* You can download the game on our website after it's enabled (www.riseonlineworld.com/download). It'll be announced on Discord when it's enabled and it'll probably be a few days before the alpha release.

* You can create an account on our website. It's enough to join Alpha 2.

* You're gonna be testing quests and leveling mostly during alpha 2, including upgrade system, rune system, pet and mounts etc.

* If nothing goes wrong we're planning to not to close alpha 2 at least for a month. Please send a ticket us if you have any suggestion, feedback or complain via ticket system in the game or on our website. We wish you a great alpha experience. 

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