They understood that when Marduk appeared, they would perish. Before the Aarvad, the demigods who ruled on seven different planets, each of their distinct beauty, created by the Nameless Creator, became so powerful that they forgot where they came from. They were arrogant, self-righteous, and ruthless. As they lived independent of time and away from death, they became perverted. When the anonymous creator created them in his own image, he was generous. He bestowed power on them and sat and watched. He wanted to see what his creations could do, but what he saw did not make him happy. The demigods fought between them and blood was shed. The creator commissioned his faithful helper, the destroyer Marduk. Marduk turned into a great comet and destroyed seven separate planets and the superior beings living on it. When the planets disappeared, the energy generated was enormous. Anonymous Creator thought and decided to try again.

This time there would be death and life. This time it would be painful. If the creatures wanted to survive, they would fight. They should have deserved to live. At the behest of the Creator, Marduk created Aarvad, which is far more difficult to shelter than in previous worlds, by storms and disasters. He put fire and water, mountains and sky in it. The Anonymous Creator was happy with the new world emerging. Death and life were all missing. The Unnamed Creator roamed the Aarvad throughout the day. He witnessed what the day brings. He watched the sun and witnessed its effects on nature. Then he closed his eyes and created the God of Life and the sun, his son Arius. It was night. The Anonymous Creator roamed the Aarvad during the night. He went into a forest, crossed mountains, and a cave closed his eyes. He understood what darkness was and saw his daughter Naru in a dream. When she opened her eyes, Naru, the goddess of darkness and death, was sitting opposite Naru, as beautiful as the stars. The Anonymous Creator bestowed some of their power on them and left Aarvad and began to watch.

Life and Death

Arius dreamed of fish swimming in the water by the sea in the sun, and his dream came true. Arius realized that his power was to create. Life first started in the seas and then went ashore. Single-celled animals, reptiles, then mammals and humans emerged. Life was advancing rapidly, albeit in a primitive way. When Naru showed the soul that came out of the first body to die the way to the other realm, he realized that his power was death. The eyes of the souls that arose when any living thing left its body were closed to life. They were trying to find their way in Naru's realm, a place where there was no light, but that was impossible. The screams of lost souls drowned Naru in sadness, and the goddess of death cried in her dark cave. The tears of the goddess hardened and began to grow into a growing crystal. Crystal pierced the ceiling of Naru's cave underground and continued to rise. When it stopped rising, the Narun Crystal began to emit a dark light that only spirits could see. Seeing this light, the spirits were drawn towards the crystal and found Naru crying in his underground cave. They comforted him. The souls who comforted Naru have transformed and become soul gatherers

Knowing their own suffering and how it upset Naru, their goddess of pain, these soul gatherers made sure that the souls that came after them did not suffer. They took them to the crystalline light, their goddess.

Naru didn't know what to do with the souls in her hands. She decided to talk to Arius. The God of the Sun and the Goddess of Darkness have come to an agreement between them. If the spirits could atone for what they did in front of Naru while the goddess was reading them, they would leave Naru's cave and go to Arius. So it happened. Naru allowed some souls to see the day again and sent them to Arius, and the reincarnation began.

As the reborn souls continue to live in their new bodies, they remembered the mistakes they made in their previous lives and did not repeat them. Thanks to this, they developed rapidly, and the civilization of such people, the glorious Protean Empire, was born.

Protean and reincarnation

The Protean is an empire that has stood for centuries, a symbol of order and harmony in the world of Aarvad. It has always been a source of pride for the Proteans, with its advanced architecture and aesthetic understanding, spread almost everywhere, living in perfect harmony with the cycle of life, that is, life and death. Protean is the last point reached in civilization.

The secret of the Proteanians being so developed is hidden in the agreement that Arius and Naru made, that is, thanks to the cooperation of the two gods, souls are reborn in other bodies and live other lives.

Even if a Protean physically tastes death, his soul is never completely destroyed. He has to find the Narun Crystal in order to pass into the spiritual world. Naru's soul collectors step in at this point and direct the lost souls towards the crystal. After finding the light-emitting crystal, the Spirit descends underground and passes through the cleft opening to Naru's cave in the beyond

The soul is now ready to face the goddess. Naru has the ability to read souls with their sins and good deeds like a book. If Naru decides that the soul does not deserve a second life, the soul is trapped forever in the Crystal of Narun and begins to suffer.

If the goddess is convinced that the soul can atone for its sins, the soul leaves the underworld and goes up to Arius, to the sky. Here the soul begins to wait for its new body at the sight of the god of life. At the right moment, Anua sucks in the soul and begins to wait. A prayer read just before birth helps Arius understand the right time, and the god of life blows the soul into his new body at the right moment

The soul remembers its previous life as it ages in its new body. His old experiences come back one by one. This actually means immortality. Proteans never really disappear

In this world called Aarvad, reincarnation is a known fact. The god of life and death work together to make this happen. The reason why the Protean people were so developed is that they adapted to this reality.

Natural rebirth has some effects. Knowledge is carried by increasing and developing. Death is not the end. The people of Protean begin to remember the experiences they had in their previous lives with increasing intensity after childhood. The areas they are apt to are actually what they experienced in their previous lives. A Protean person in his twenties clearly remembers his previous lives, experiences, pains and happy moments. In this way, all experiences, good and bad, are transferred, knowledge is carried, and the empire constantly develops. One way or another, Protean always goes forward in some way


There are downsides to being immortal. Some people feel too much pain. The losses they experienced in their previous lives, the crimes they committed, regrets… Some cannot cope with all this. Since death is not a salvation, the Proteans had to find creative ways to deal with pain.

No longer wanting to continue his life and his endless journey, he has to find the light spreading everywhere from the Protean Narun Crystal that mortal eyes cannot see. The Narun Crystal is a bridge that exists between two worlds, but also a prison of souls who do not deserve life. It exists in two realms at the same time.

Narun Crystal is an extremely valuable mineral. Dust produced from these pieces cut from crystal is naturally very valuable, it can be purchased illegally. Some adventurers risk their lives to reach the Narun Crystal and rip a piece. The terrain and conditions around the crystal are very harsh. The Narun Crystal has a structure that absorbs light and heat. Walking on this land means gambling with life

What is the use of this powder obtained from Narun Crystal, popularly known as "Narun"? To put it in its simplest form, Narun is a type of drug. If used in adjusted doses, it puts the user into a vegetative life, a kind of coma. In this Protean culture, suicide is what it is to us. It is a way of dealing with pain. It is seen as a great sin among the Protean people to choose this path and therefore those who give up hide. They retreat in mountains, caves. Sometimes as a group, sometimes as a single. This system has been going on like this for many, many years.

Stories often start with rebellious spirits. We also need a rebellious spirit to have a story. The name of that rebellious spirit is Razu.


Razu is a talented and disciplined wizard. He worked for the empire throughout his life and devoted himself to his country. He lives in Lazar, the largest and best preserved city of Razu Protean. If there is one thing Razu loves more than Protean, it is his wife Luna. While everything is going well, Luna starts to remember some memories from her past very vividly. He had a terrible death, a terrible accident, and lost his beloved son in a fire due to his carelessness. He does not have the strength to face this situation. The days turn into nightmares for Razu and Luna. Razu wants to help his wife, tries every way. He goes to magicians who specialize in the science of dreams, but this is like a fatal disease. Nightmares haunt Luna. The wife, whom Razu loved more than his life, began to fade before his eyes. Luna finally can't stand it and wants to give up. There is no longer any point in living in Lazarus. He explains his decision to Razu. If her husband wants to help him, if he really loves him, he will not refuse it, he will respect it

Razu absolutely does not accept Luna's request, cannot. Luna will not be one of those who give up Razu loves his wife very much. They will live other lives together in other bodies. This is their destiny. They will not part.

No matter what Razu says, no matter how hard he tries, it will not help. Luna stops listening to her husband after a point and eventually runs away from Lazar.

After Luna stray for a while, she meets a group of quitters who can provide her with the drugs she sees as salvation, Narun, in the hills. Those who give up accept Luna among them. Days later, Luna reaches her goal and gets the Narun powder she wants.

Those who give up start preparing Luna for her spiritual journey. This is not a funeral but more of a celebration. For them, this is Luna's liberation moment. Luna uses Narun for the first time at the end of the night and immediately feels its effects. Anxiety and guilt disappear. Luna leaves their old lives behind. Now it is also a quitter.

Razu calls his wife everywhere, asks everyone. As a sorcerer, he asks for help from his superiors. However, nobody has any intention of helping Razu. According to them, his wife is a traitor. Like many others who turned his back on life, he found it well deserved.

Razu revolts. There is something wrong with this. He has always worked for Protean, devoted his life, and has done his best to improve his country. He expects someone to help him on his difficult day. However, the help he expects does not come.

Razu does not give up, locks himself in his house and starts researching. Since Razu Lazar is a prominent wizard, a respected man, he reaches the secret records after a while with the help of his circle. It is not easy to digest what they read. There is an understanding in Protean that argues that death is necessary. However, those who defended this idea were suppressed by Arius' priests and soldiers. Those who rejected immortality were branded as traitors and sent into exile. While all the values ​​he believes are destroyed one by one, Razu collects the work of the wizards before him, those who were exiled, and goes away. He needs to be alone, a little thinking. Finally, he regains his courage and embarks on a journey that will take about thirty days, away from Lazar, towards their mountain-top home.

Kaleb's Dungeon

In the third week of his journey, Razu thinks for the first time that he heard a voice in his sleep towards the morning. He wakes up, looks around, there is no one. He collects his tent and continues his journey. He is nervous. When he hears the sound again, this time it is louder. Razu grasps his wand tightly, repeating a protection spell on his head. He keeps walking, he is cautious. After a while, he hears that sound again. It's like someone is saying his name. Razu stops and listens. This sound seems to come from very deep, far away. Razu unwittingly begins to move towards the sound. It descends from narrow paths and steep slopes. Finally, he finds the entrance to a cave. This voice whispering its name has become unbearable now. Razu follows the sound and finds himself in a maze at the bottom of the cave. This is a place full of traps. Obviously whatever is inside is, the people who built this place wanted to keep it separate from the rest of the world.

Razu overcomes the traps one by one, listening to the voice. Finally, he finds himself in front of a mausoleum sealed with magic. Kaleb’s Dungeon has a strange effect, it is as if Razu has lost his concept of time. He has no idea how long it has been there. He hears the sound again, it comes from the grave. Razu is listening, a whisper commands him to break the seal. Razu seems to have lost his will. After a while, his hand draws complex symbols in the air, while he repeats the words of magic. Razu releases magic. The seal is broken, the cover is opened, and Kaleb, Naru's first guardian, is free for the first time in centuries.


Naru's first guard, soul collector Kaleb, is the most powerful of all. After leading the souls for many years, he is tired now. In time, as he gathered the souls, their pain, hearing and feeling their excitement began to give him pleasure, and this pleasure gradually turned into an addiction. After a while, Kaleb became devoted to the spirits, instead of giving it to his goddess, he kept it to himself and began to feed on them.

Kaleb grows stronger over time and starts a rebellion by taking some of the other soul gatherers with him. To be a soul collector means to be Naru's loyal servant. Collecting souls, fulfilling his duty properly… Repeating this forever… Kaleb is tired now. He also wants to live again, to feel something.

Kaleb confronts Naru with his followers and threatens her. He says he wants to live again, he wants to walk among people. Naru reminds her servant of the oath of allegiance in her presence. Oath Kaleb doesn't care. Conditions have changed. He wants to live. Goddess Naru does not back down and Kaleb suddenly finds herself in the dark night, alone in front of her queen.

The Queen wants to teach him a lesson, create an example from him, and attacks ruthlessly. She attacks him with all the pain and all the nightmares of the people who lived up to that day. Kaleb cannot endure all this pain for a while and collapses. It offers one more chance to those who follow Queen Kaleb. Either they will be with Naru or they will be sentenced to an eternal prison with Kaleb. Collectors of spirit fall at Naru's feet and beg for forgiveness. They made a mistake. Naru forgives them

Kaleb finds himself in a labyrinth, cleansed of the spirits inside, where he will be alone under the ground, where he will be punished. Naru sealed her lips and cut off her tongue so that she could never cast a spell again, the soul collector and first guardian. But Kaleb's anger is still alive, his anger towards the god who has captured him. Although Kaleb could not speak, he felt the pain of Razu, who was a sorcerer, and found a way to touch his soul. This poor wizard is suffering just like himself. Betrayed like him. While everything was fine, those who were with him turned their backs on him in a difficult time. Kaleb decides to help Razu. There is no point in suffering any more in eternity confinement. Confronting Naru or challenging her is out of the question. But if he joins a talented angry sorcerer like Razu and can persuade him, he has a chance.

Kaleb touches Razu's soul and tells him that it is very difficult to find his wife. However, if this punishment called reincarnation ends, Razu will at least prevent others from suffering. Kaleb tells the magician what he has to do. It tells where to find the crystal, what to do. It teaches the magic necessary to get there and survive. This magic is very, very advanced for Razu. It has no way of learning. Kaleb asks Razu how far she can go. What is he ready to sacrifice? Razu replies everything. Everything is meaningless if his wife Luna is no longer present and will never be with himself again. Kaleb smiles and tells the magician to close his eyes. After a while, Kaleb takes his soul out of his body and transfers it to Razu's.

Razu feels the pure power flowing into him. Human emotions such as fear and anxiety disappear completely. He understood what he had to do. It will go and break the Narun Crystal, disconnect this world from the beyond.

Razu easily finds his way out of the cave. He has no idea how much time has passed when he sees daylight again, but he seems to have aged almost ten years. Razu sets off again.

He starts spreading his ideas back to Lazar. Being a naturally charismatic man, he soon gathered around him a crowd who believed that reincarnation was not a gift but a punishment from the gods.

Arius' priests do their best to catch Razu, but they fail. Razu's thoughts gradually turn into an idea, a movement, and eventually almost a religion. The sorcerer and his followers begin to live in the mountains, far from Lazarus. Razu teaches them to cast magic. Contrary to what they believe, freedom passes through death, only living one life. He says that only when one is mortal can the true value of life be taken. Like Razu, those who suffer because of the loss of their loved ones are blindly attached to him every day.

Razu's plan is to damage the crystal, prevent the passage of the spirits and make them disappear. Let them perish so that they give life to new ones. Instead of being trapped in a crystal, or repeating themselves, let them surrender to cosmic energy, the natural flow of the universe. Let them accept death.

For, according to Razu and his followers, no one has the right to interfere with this natural flow, the law of the universe, whether God or not

With this motivation in his mind, Razu tries to approach the valley many times, but fails. There is no light in the valley that extends into the Narun Crystal. It is almost impossible to move forward in this abnormal darkness. Razu struggles with the cold and darkness, tries to reach the crystal but fails. The losses increase with every attempt. The sorcerer feels helpless.

Age of the Orcs

Razu realizes that he must find a radical solution. When he returns with losses from the next time, he realizes that Kaleb has no other choice but to use the magic he taught him. Razu closes with his most skilled disciples and starts working on complex magic. After a week without eating or drinking, Razu comes out of his tent and gathers his followers and gives a speech to them. It is time to finally show what he's working on. Razu releases news, gathers his followers around him and tells them that they will soon witness a miracle. His only expectation is that they trust him. His followers were curiously watching Razu.

Razu first performs the complex spell on himself and begins to grow in front of his followers, grows large, and his muscles swell. Its skin becomes rough and acquires green and brown tones. Razu transforms into a tough, fearless creature that can see in the dark, an Orc while his followers watch him in amazement. The miracle they just met has nailed their followers to where they are. They quietly look at the powerful creature standing in front of them. When Razu tears the silence with his wild cry, his followers scream with him. Razu and his wizards collectively cast the spell, and the crowds and masses turn into Orcs in turn.

Free Zone Dorion

Proteans are aware that something is going on in the mountains. Dark times are near. That's why they are preparing for war. Just like Razu and his Orcs. However, there are minorities on both sides who are not satisfied with this situation. Those who think that Protean should follow a peaceful policy whatever happens, and those who are not satisfied with Razu's growing anger and desire for revenge. The two sides come together in secret from their leaders and express their desire to live in peace. Orcs' condition is that they must be respected. Reincarnation should be a choice, not a rule. Therefore, individuals who want to take control of their life and their own destiny will be respected. Both sides sign documents stating that they will not resort to violence in any way, that if it hits it will bring war, and from that day on, the Free Zone Dorion, where people and orcs can live together, trade, have fun, is established.

Dorion is a region where the principle of mutual understanding prevails. No matter what region the person coming to Dorion comes from, he is accepted regardless of his background. There is only one condition, that is to stay away from violence. Dorion coexists peacefully with its pacifist inhabitants compared to the rest of the world, and is shocked by the arrival of an extraordinary visitor. This visitor is one of Naru's ancient soul collectors. Tired of his duty, Vintair, a tired soul collector, came to Dorion, the only region where he could be accepted as a last hope. Dorion's council has to make a decision. Having a soul collector among them is an unsettling situation. Eventually the council makes a decision and they decide to have Vintair live among them. They decided that Dorion's principles were what mattered, however unusual the situation. Dorion is a free territory, and anyone who rejects violence, truly anyone can come and live here.

Time passes, Vintair lives a quiet life away from everyone. He has a special interest in sword and armor making. Hitting the iron, shaping it, calms Vintair. When the residents of Dorion wake up one morning, they see that Vintair is chained to the ground with chains made of Narun Crystal from the ground. The old soul collector is as if he is not there, he does not answer. It just does its job. The residents of Dorion do not know what to do at first, but they realize that the situation is not harmful to anyone, and they leave Vintair alone with his business. This is all that Vintair wants. All the souls he carried left traces on him, being the guide of the souls for too long and witnessing their pain and despair consumed Vintair. Finally, he asks Naru, the goddess of night. He says he wants to forget, he realizes that he cannot die as a soul collector, but he wants to stop the pain, the despair that gnaws him inside

Naru does not keep silent to Vintair's plea and gives him what he wants with a spell she makes. Vintair is now a self-contained creature who only enjoys making swords and armor and lives for this purpose. His focus and talent are at such a high level that the armor and weapons from his hand give his owner an advantage. Vintair's name is quickly heard and adventurers and soldiers from all over the world come to Dorion to upgrade or repair their equipment

Conquest of Darkness

Razu is aware of what happened but does not interfere. He has a much more important job to take care of. The dark and cold valley leading to the Narun Crystal is no longer an obstacle before them. Razu and his Orcs arm their weapons and set out to destroy the crystal. The journey is full of dangers but orcs are very powerful. Hazards are easily eliminated. Razu and his orcs are in front of the crystal. In this gloomy place where there is no life and even light cannot exist, Razu makes his move. Naru's guards, who can exist in both worlds, realize that something is wrong, but the orcs have prepared themselves for this moment for a long time. With Razu's signal, they attack without mercy and eventually provide their leaders with the necessary space and space. In this way, Razu gathers enough power and almost divides the crystal in half with another magic learned from Kaleb.

That day is referred to as "Conquest of Darkness" or "Death of Light" in the books where Aarvad History is told. Proteans are in shock. They felt something terrible was happening to them. Razu and his orcs are cursed and prayers are made to the gods. However, it is too late for everything now.

Razu gave losses, but got what he wanted partially. They return to the mountains with their orcs and begin to heal their wounds. Once upon a time, small and small camps have turned into towns and residential areas. The Orcs who know that the Proteans will shoot are ready. There will be a great war.

The Proteans sent an envoy to Razu in accordance with the rules and summon him to war. There is no forgiveness of what he did. Razu accepts the invitation. He will fight. Razu sees Goliath for the first time when the two armies gather in the valley.


Goliath is an avatar created by the combination of Naru and Arius and created by two gods. Goliath looks very menacing with his black armor and huge sword. However, Razu has no intention of backing down. He orders his Orcs to attack. Protean soldiers, the warrior priests of Arius and Goliath are all powerful together. They fight by waiting and calculating. Orcs, on the other hand, are literally violent, they attack without caring about death.

Razu is not in good shape. The whispers that started from the day the crystal broke have become unbearable screams. Souls that have been captive in the crystal for thousands of years are now free. Razu is alone with screams. The good-hearted wizard who was once ready to give his life for Protean has now turned into a madman darkened with hatred.

Razu casts spells that risk their ranks to win. It kills its own orcs. The ranks of the orcs between Razu and Goliath are rapidly melting. Finally, Goliaht pinches the dazed Razu and strikes him upon blow with his sword made of Narun Crystal. The essence of Razu is drawn towards Goliath's sword that absorbs the souls after each blow. Razu is aware that he is about to die. Desperate and full of anger. There is nothing it can do. Goliath will imprison him in his sword. All they did is wasted.

A final smile appears on his face, explaining that he does not regret what he did. Goliath does not pity Razu and deals deadly blows. He goes behind his ranks, towards a safe place, with the spirits he imprisons the sword in. However, no one noticed Cyrus, who was able to escape from the attraction of Goliath’s giant sword. Cyrus, an illusionist, murderer, and thief, casts a spell with her last remaining strength, transfers herself to a body and runs away.

Although the remaining Orcs continue to resist, the "Dark Valley War" is actually over. Protean people do not feel sorry. Those who ask for help and mercy will kill those who are right there. They do not listen to the elderly, women or children. All of the Orcs must be destroyed.


The next few years are very dark for Orcs. The crystal is broken, the light is weakened. Spirits are wandering around before they can go beyond. Reincarnation was once a natural right for every soul and has now become a concession. Since no one knew whether or not they could ever live again, the people of the Proteans spread a fear. Nobody started to trust anyone. They feel mortal, and this is not something they are used to.

Furious Proteans officially started a genocide. They hunt the orcs who have fled to the mountains and try to survive sporadically and try to eradicate their roots. Protean death squads hunt in and around the valley, wherever dark and cold, in areas where orcs can live. The slaughter continues without mercy. The Orcs and their leader Razu brought them the greatest curse, perhaps the end of the Protean. There is nothing more natural for this than to have a penalty.


Cyrus watches from the shadows. Cyrus, who knows what it means to be imprisoned as nothing in the crystal, in the void, pity Razu. When the crystal was broken, fragments of his mind wandered through the plot as he was drawn towards his body with other spirits, perhaps he understood Razu better than him. All the fundamental values ​​of this man who lost his beloved wife have been shaken. He also wanted to shake the world and was successful.

Cyrus is a master thief, a murderer, and an illusionist. Infiltrating somewhere, changing shape is his specialty. Aware of his abilities, this dangerous man devises a plan. A smaller crystal made from Goliath's sword is kept in the capital Lazar, in the temple of Arius, and is very well preserved. However, Cyrus dodges the guards and manages to steal the crystal without being seen by anyone, by jumping from body to body with the spells he has prepared in advance.

Cyrus disguises himself as Razu's wife Luna with a spell and frees her. Razu is not himself. Cyrus tries to persuade him. It needs its strength. Luna will now continue where she left off. Razu is not a sharp, disciplined wizard as before. Their lives have disturbed the balance of his mind. However, the image of Luna is still very powerful in his mind. Razu listens to Cyrus disguised as his wife and sacrifices himself. Cyrus preserves the energy that arises, welcoming the new power flowing into it.


Cyrus is in the dark valley where horrible deaths take place and the earth is painted red. It collects all its energy and does its magic. Releases the souls of Orcs trapped in the crystal. This is a sight worth seeing. On the battlefield, thousands, tens of thousands of souls revolve around Cyrus like a storm. Cyrus watches in awe. Then slowly, bone and muscle tissue appear around the spirits that have now created a storm. It is as if their anger and hatred are felt. Cyrus tries to survive while bodies are forming around souls.

After Cyrus has recovered a little, he goes to the place they will call Luna Valley after that day to take his army and give the good news. Orcs are not defeated. The fire of vengeance is still burning within them and is ready to fight an eternal war with Protean if necessary.


It is no coincidence that Cyrus chose the name Luna. He respected Razu even though he was fallen and defeated, and wanted to honor him, and named his place where they lived, Razu's favorite thing, his wife Luna.

Cyrus refuses to be an absolute leader like Razu. Instead, it sits with a council of the most experienced warriors of the orcs and makes decisions. It will take them to fight, there is no doubt about it. Orcs are brave and strong. However, Razu's fall was shaken after their war with Goliath and Protean. Their heavy defeat is still fresh in their minds. Although the resurrection of the orcs who were dying in the war and their return to Luna refreshed morale, Cyrus is aware that he has to do something. After the meeting with the Council, they decide to tighten their ranks, quickly form unions and start training.

Cyrus goes to the Indestructible Thurag first. The Thurag is two men tall and wide, a colossal orc notorious for his courage in battle and never to collapse, no matter how wounded. He is a war hero in the eyes of the people. Cyrus asks him to raise fearless warriors like himself. Those who do not know what fear is, do not hesitate when they see the enemy, are ruthless, fearless, machine-like warriors. Thurag accepts Cyrus' offer. This is an honor for him. Thus, Thurag begins to train warriors called "Iron Legion". The Iron Legionnaires are responsible for Luna's border protection. They are known for their toughness and brutal nature. No Lunaskar will double what an Iron Legion soldier said, he would not want to argue with them.

Cyrus finds Lorna, a healer from Thurag. Orcs are durable and although their wounds heal on their own, the geography they live in necessitates the presence of healers. Cyrus asks Lorna to train healers like herself. Not only will they need healing spells, but also potions that will strengthen them in battle, giving them an advantage. Lorna says she can help Cyrus, but she will need materials for that. The potions Cyrus wants are not things you can make with ingredients you can easily gather in the forest. Lorna will need hunters and gatherers who are not afraid of facing monsters, who can travel to the most dangerous places of the world like Hagard and bring her the materials she wants. Cyrus says he will do his best.

If they want to improve, they must be challenged and tested. Cyrus is aware of this. But Cyrus will have to break the rules of the game when it comes to Hagard and his monsters that seem to come out of hell. Thurag and his Legionnaires are powerful. Lorna and her healers will help them, but that's not enough. Cyrus will need killers who know how to navigate the shadows, who can wander from behind and deliver a lethal blow.

Gunnar is a ruthless killer that everyone in Lunaskar is afraid of, with perhaps more than a thousand carcasses, who has made killing a hobby. He doesn't like anyone, including himself. Nobody wants to face him. There is only one person in Luna who would not hesitate to meet him, and that is Cyrus. The two sit down and talk. Cyrus tells that Luna needs Gunnar's help to grow stronger and thrive. They must grapple with both the Protean and other dangers in the environment. Cyrus asks Gunnar to choose the orcs who are merciless, blood-stained in battle. He wants to create a team that is well versed in using arrows and the art of knives. Gunnar accepts Cyrus' offer. Not so long, Gunnar and his killers manage to become everyone's nightmare, including the residents of Luna.

Cyrus is extremely happy with the development. Luna is growing rapidly, protecting herself and becoming capable. Cyrus realizes he's in the turn. If they are to face Protean, if they have to go to Hagard, there is no way they can do it without magic. Cyrus gathers skilled mages and together they build a tower. This tower is equipped with the most powerful defensive spells that will destroy any unauthorized approach within seconds and becomes the symbol of Luna. Cyrus and his wizards are learning and developing day by day.

Iron Legion, healers, knifers, and wizards gather and make regular landings with their teams. Every day they kill the Protean troops they meet, or the dangerous beasts they meet, and returning, Cyrus thanks Matta, the god of magic and mystery, of whom very few people knew of, who bestowed his powers on him. He asks him to grant him the strength and courage needed in this dark age.

Matta does exactly that. His believer is extremely pleased with what Cyrus did. Watching an ambitious, courageous mortal like him delights Matta, the quickly bored god. Matta grants Cyrus new powers. Reaching a level that no wizard can reach, Cyrus summons lightning from the sky with a flick of his hand to the battlefield and releases fireballs on his enemies. The residents of Luna soon start talking about Cyrus' brutality on the battlefield. They are afraid of Cyrus. The fearful respect of the inhabitants of Luna will admire the magician. Some see him as a demigod. Cyrus has no complaints. He is aware of his strength, what he can do, and likes to be appreciated.


Much has changed after Razu's betrayal and the breaking of the crystal in this beautiful city, which was once the symbol of peace and order. The Proteans, who lived in peace until that day and did not know the meaning of death, experience painfully that after the Narun Crystal is broken, they cannot reincarnate as before. The fact that the crystal was broken and that it could not radiate its light as before disrupted the whole order. Reincarnation is no longer a right of everybody, but more of a chance. It is not something that can be obtained with money or status. The prominent figures of the Protean, the nobility, the wizards, and even the nascent underworld tried to achieve immortality, reincarnation, but failed.

The Proteans live when their righteous king, Sermon, who has lived the first coup for nearly a thousand years and reigned, died and did not come back. The word spreads quickly. Sermon is dead. If even he cannot come back, it means Razu really got what he wanted from death. Protean people soon become afraid of each other. They forget what trust is. A people who have lived without knowing the fear of death for a long time are on the verge of crisis. They need a king.

Anton, the elder priest of Arius, is unanimously elected as the new king. He takes priests he trusts with him and intervenes in the city in crisis. Anton and his priests are advanced healers. Even if there is no life again, they present powers such as extending life and healing diseases as a reward. Thus, they motivate Protean knights, those who want to join the ranks. Protean must stand upright against Luna. For this, he needs warriors who are not afraid of death as before. Although the solution offered by Anton was not ideal, it worked. Regularity is ensured among the Protean people. The knights, who are already a decent union, begin to accept and train the young people.

A faithless and fearless knight, Jeremias is an experienced and charismatic warrior who has lived for centuries and has seen countless battles. Not sure whether they will live again when they die, the young knights are clearly afraid. Jeremias brings to Lazar an unprecedented hard and authoritarian understanding of management. Some knights trained from Jeremias are more afraid of his anger than death. Over time, discipline and education reach the level Jeremias desires, and Lazar's knights begin to make Anton and Jeremias proud both in sword fighting and using shields.

Jeremias is a good leader with centuries of experience. He is a good leader because he has an open mind. It is aware that they are experiencing an extraordinary situation and therefore takes extraordinary measures. The Knights, who previously despised magic, hitting their opponent from afar, begin to fight in harmony with magicians and archers. The results are pretty good. Jeremias tells Anton to find more wizards.

Although in Lazar and the rest of the Protean the sorcerers are declared persona non grata after Razu's betrayal, Anton realizes he needs them. Fearing the anger of the people, he promises protection and brings them back. Although Lazar is far from its former glory, it is still the cradle of civilization. Anton's unflappable rule is ready to confront the Protean, Luna and orcs, with the ever-increasing knights in golden armor and the wizards who want to prove their trust again.

Hagard / Matta

The Anonymous Creator creates the Aarvad and he's keepers Arius and Naru. Then something happens that the Creator does not take into account before leaving this beautiful world where life and death, day and night are constantly chasing each other. Mountains, earth, vast seas, blowing wind and fire, all of which came into being by the will of the Creator, but these elements, like Arius and Naru, were not given a figure. These elements are the feelings that the Creator feels when he created the Aarvad from nothing, in a way the energy forms that correspond to these emotions. They have their own will. He goes creative and unwittingly leaves the elements free.

Time passes, Aarvad develops. Those who live on it shape the world with their ambitions and fears. While all this is happening, fire, water, air and the earth element come together instinctively and take a form. Thus, Matta, the god of magic and mystery, who has a constantly changing, ever-changing mood, emerges.

Matta means Hagard. This god, who controls the elements, reigns in this uncontrollable and angry piece of land, on which four seasons are experienced at the same time.

Matta means magic. Sometimes sorcerers turn their enemies to ashes with lightning arising from Matta's anger, and sometimes they stop armies with firewalls representing their excitement and enthusiasm. As they move along the path of magic, the sorcerers who use other elements as they become familiar with the secrets of Matta, sometimes secretly, though not openly like the priests, give thanks to their gods after every spell they cast from within.

Some highly skilled wizards, like Cyrus, gain access to powerful mystery spells when they fully understand Matta and know his secrets. It is almost impossible to defeat these powerful wizards who have spells like invisibility and shapeshifting in their minds.

Matta is an unstable god, he is possible to see Hagard's traces in every part of it. Sometimes you may come across you crying sadly at the foot of a tree on a rainy day, and sometimes angry with lightning bolts from the sky and punishing those who dare enter Hagard.

This god with an unstable spirit does not only give life to fire, storm, earth and water. Born of his energy and will, creatures who know Hagard home and protect him at the cost of his life are the toughest enemies a warrior can face. A warrior who hopes to enter Hagard and survive will certainly need help. For no warrior would want to fight a troll that didn't die alone or a stone golem that didn't feel pain. Encountering Hagard's mighty guard, Overlord, a ruthless giant, means facing death. Adventurers can only hope to survive Hagard if they can act as a team and make sacrifices for each other.

Hagard's land has been watered with the blood of warriors who have not had enough strength for ages and will continue to be watered. Few warriors who came here managed to face all the dangers and return home as a legend. The only reason they keep trying is because it was such an honor to come and survive Hagard.

Draha / Narungard

It can be interesting, of course, to hear the stories of a warrior who had walked and survived Hagard in an inn on a cold night. Generally, people who are hungry for a good story gather around the warrior, listen to his exaggerated adventures and have a pleasant night.

But if someone mentions Draha, the most brutal and dangerous creature Aarvad has ever seen, people will immediately go away. It is considered bad luck to mention the name of the old dragon Draha, especially at night.

There is no exact information about how Draha came to this world. Although some rumors claim that he was a mighty creature who came to Aarvad from the previous worlds of the Creator, somehow survived, this theory has not been proven definitively. It is unprovable because it is very, very difficult to cross the difficult terrain of the Narungard Desert, deal with the dangers of the harsh terrain and the monsters. Even if all this is overcome, Draha is not the kind of creature anyone would want to encounter.

As frightening as Draha and the Narungard Desert are, highly skilled and organized warriors enter the ancient fortresses over the desert and fight each other to prove that they are the greatest and become a legend. They do this for one purpose. Looking into the eyes of the dark and being the greatest. To prove this to himself first and then to the rest of the world.

Once the castles are captured, the energy of the Narun Crystal in its pure form can be manipulated by wizards and these wizards can open passages to dungeons popularly known as the "Heart of Darkness". There is no more difficult test for a warrior than this.

In this dark dungeon consisting of eighteen floors and dangers that test the mental health of people, the strongest warriors can only advance in large groups, working as a team. No one has reached the bottom yet and survived the dragon Draha. However, that doesn't mean it won't happen one day. Everything is possible in the Aarvad.

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