Rise Online World Beta Event

Rise Online World Beta Event




Hello Warriors!

The Rise Online World Big Beta Event starts on 14.01.2022 at 22:00 (GMT +3). There are some issues that we would like to inform you before the event.

All your characters will be deleted before the event starts and you will need to create new characters for the event.
You will start the event at Level 70 and you will be able to obtain all the items you need from the NPCs in Dorion.

Now let's look at the details about the event;


In all bosses on Dorion, Protean & Lunaskar Kingdoms, Hagard, Death Valley, Dragon's Lair (Group Dungeon) and Land of Despair (Single Dungeon) maps,
On the monuments on the Death Valley map,
On the Death Valley map, there will be Roco Token drops in the mobs named Scared Rae, which solo players can easily kill.

Except this; after one month of activity, in order of Battle Points;
The first players with the most points (for each race and class separately) 8 NFT cloaks in total,
The second and third players with the most points (for each race and class separately) total 16 NFT cloaks,
Players ranked fourth to tenth with the most points (for each race and class) will be rewarded with a total of 56 NFT capes.

Additionally, there will be 3 more NFT cloaks spawned from creatures you kill anywhere on the map.
These NFTs are event specific only and cannot be obtained in any other way in the future.

Respawn Information of Boss and Mobs with Roco Token Drop: 

Death Valley Bosses: 1-5 Hours
Hagard Bosses: 6-8 Hours
Protean & Lunaskar Kingdom Bosses: 6-8 Hours
Dorion Bosses: 3-4 Hours
Death Valley Scared Rae: A total of 6 mobs will respawn every 10 minutes.

Death Valley Monuments:


Monument of Fate

This monument is in the center of Death Valley and will regenerate every 2 hours. 250 random members of the race that hit the last hit within 70 meters of the monument will be rewarded with Roco Tokens. 

Small Monuments

    Monument of Wisdom           Monument of Rage             Monument of Order             Monument of Life

These monuments are around Monument of Fate and will regenerate every hour. The party or solo player who last hit the monument will be rewarded with Roco Token.

Event Rules:

The entire event will be controlled by active authorities 24 hours a day. During the event, it will be strictly forbidden to earn Battle Points using Battle Point Transfer and fake accounts in agreement with other players. In case of violation of these prohibitions, the Battle Point of the penalized player may be reduced, reset or blocked from accessing the game. For a fair and fun event, you are kindly requested to abide by all the rules.

Welcome back to Rise Online World's first big event! Don't worry, this is the smallest of the big events :)

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