Post Alpha 2.0 Developments

Post Alpha 2.0 Developments


Post Alpha 2.0 Developments

Hello everyone. It's been 18 days since the end of the Alpha 2.0 process. We are aware that we have not been able to keep you informed about the developments during this process. We wanted to share the developments and studies with you by gathering them under the headings and not to keep our silence too long. Without further ado, let's move on to the developments;

Alpha 2.0 Reports

We received a lot of feedback from you in Alpha 2.0, along with the problems we solved during the process, there were also problems that we postponed to the end of the process. We have focused on these problems since the day the process ended and we still continue to work.

UI-UX Regulations

We know that we are a bit "old school" about UI and UX. At this stage, we would like to say that we have made some modernization in both areas. We are planning to welcome you with a very different UI and UX in the game in the next process we will come across.

Pet and Mount System

Using the Pet and Mount system as a "skill" was not very useful in terms of user experience. Pet and Mount System was removed in Inventory and moved to a different panel. In this panel we call "Pet&Mount Registration", you will be able to see all your helpful friends on a screen and you will be able to transfer them to your skill bar with "drag-and-drop". So you will no longer need a summon scroll to use your pets and mounts!


We know you're all curious about dungeons, and we're so excited for you to experience them. Our work continues at full speed and we are working on different dungeon infrastructures. We think that the fact that our dungeons are only about killing creatures will bore you after a while, and we are also working on "Platform-Puzzle" type dungeons. So now the map seems to force you a bit..

Turkish Language

One of the issues we received the most feedback on during the alpha processes was the lack of Turkish language support in the game. Currently, 90% of the game is in Turkish and we plan to make it 100% until the next process. (Item Names and Proper names will not be used in Turkish.)

Duel System

You will now be able to use the Duel System instantly, except for maps with race wars such as Death Valley. The one-on-one duel option will be active in any area of ??the map, at any time, and you will be able to do this duel with your friend of the same race. Well, a little training before hitting the battlefields would be good for everyone.

Crafting System

We are working on a system where you can obtain different materials within different professions in the game, and where you can obtain items only with the craft system by using these materials. Depending on the level of the items you will use to obtain the materials (Ex: 1 lv. Axe for Carpentry), the level of the items you produce will also vary. We will not forget to share more details as the details of the system are determined.

Boss and Creature Mechanics

We know that the creatures act a little recklessly. In this regard, our artificial intelligence developments continue. Creatures and bosses will now be able to use abilities against you, depending on how you attack and the distance you're at.

Party and Dungeon Finder

We've improved the party finding and dungeon finding system a bit more. It is now much more functional and much more comprehensive. As long as you know exactly what you are looking for, it is much easier to find what you are looking for!

We cannot give a clear date for the next process, but we do not want to stay away from you too much. As always, make sure we do our best, or even go above and beyond! Stay healthy..

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