Rise Online World Official Information

Rise Online World Official Information


Hello Warriors!

The Rise Online World Early Access process begins on April 15! We know that you are all very excited about this process. Before April 15, we need to inform you a little about the process.

First of all, let's start with the question that you are all wondering. Will our characters be reset at the end of this process? No, this process will not be like previous alpha and beta processes. This process will take much longer than other processes and there will be no resets in characters. 

You may still encounter some shortcomings and errors in this process. We will be here to complete these deficiencies and correct mistakes during this process.

The Rise Online World market will be available when early access begins. You can meet all your needs, buy costumes, mounts and pets on the market. 

For the in-game exchange system, the old system manual Market system and Marketplace system will be active. You can use these areas to trade with other players.

During the early access period, the maximum level cap will be 65.

In this process, it would be great if we talk about the systems in the game and their uses.

Rune System

There will be rune stones to strengthen your items in the game. In order to use these stones, the rune slots of the item in your inventory must be open. Your items may have rune slots unlocked, or you may need to open them yourself. What you need to open is “Tome of Wishes”. You also need the "Tome of Wisdom" to be able to delete the rune from the weapon after using a runestone.

While Tome of Wisdom can only be obtained from in-game drops, you can purchase Tome of Wishes from in-game drops and "Roco Token" from the Rise Online Market.

Soulbound System

Some items in the game will be directly binded to your character and cannot be traded. However, we need to mention one detail here. Unique +6, Epic +7 and Rare +8 items will not bind to you without wearing them. You have to wear the item on you for it to bind.

As for the accessories in the game, when the Unique accessories are worn, it will turn into soulbound.

Items will have a soulbound duration of 1 year and you will not be able to obtain any items to remove soulbound.

Upgrade System

Let's start with the first question. Accessories are currently not upgradeable. Of course, this may change in the future.

As for other items, you can upgrade all items up to the fifth level with the Upgrade Scroll suitable for the type of weapon, which you can only get from drops or from NPC.

When raising from the fifth level to the sixth level, you will be asked for Upgrade Scroll and 2 Unique Shards only for Unique items. A different number of pieces will be required at higher levels, again depending on the item type.

You can also obtain an Upgrade Rate Increase Scroll, which can only be purchased with Roco Token, from the market, where you can increase your upgrade rate by a small amount.

Craft System

With the craft system and the profession system that comes with it, you can craft unique items in the game. You have to gather for the production of these items. There will be some items you need to use for this gathering. You will be able to obtain Common items (such as Fishing Rod, Pickaxe, Shovel) that you will use for the first level of Gathering through quests, and you will be able to obtain higher level items with in-game currency via NPC. (The items to be obtained through the NPC will be integrated into the quest system later)

Pets and Mounts

Pets and mounts will always be available in store for your use. You can use mounts to move faster on the map, and pets to collect boxes that will drop from creatures for you. Another way to get pets and mounts will be drops. However, these drops will be in the form of parts, and when you collect all of these parts, you will be able to obtain a mount or pet.


There will be 1 solo dungeon and 1 group dungeon that you can enter at the start of early access. In the coming days of early access, we will be welcoming you with more different dungeons. We have determined the right to enter the dungeons as 1 solo dungeon per day and one group dungeon per day. Because the items you will get from the dungeon will be rarer than the items you will get from other parts of the map.

While the minimum level limit for solo dungeon entry is 30, the minimum limit for group dungeon has been set to 40, while the Death Valley PvP zone entry limit has also been set to a minimum of 40.

In-Game Trading

You currently have 3 options for in-game trading. The first of these is the Trade System. You can trade all your tradable items with other players. Apart from that, the Merchant System will be constantly available in the game. The AFK Merchant will be free and will be removed automatically after 24 hours. There is no waiting period to reinstall after uninstalling.

The Marketplace System, where in-game products can be listed and sold, will be available only to Rise Premium users.
Soon, we will be together again with new news. See you for now.

Let's meet at Dorion!

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