Game Rules

Game Rules


- Abbreviations
ROW: Rise Online World
GM: Game Master

A) Names
Player, clan, pet and mount names that are insulting, racist, profanity, sexist, disturbing and political are prohibited and can be deleted or changed without preliminary warning.
Players using names of ROW team or Rokogame Studio staff names or pretending like one of ROW team members will be banned without preliminary warning. Username additions like ''GM'' is also prohibited.

B) Behavior and Abusive Language
Threatening, extorting, insulting, advertising, offensive, racist, disturbing, drug related behavior and language using are strictly forbidden and will be immediately penalized. Please be kind to other players and follow the rules.

1st Violation - Account Mute (1 Day)
2nd Violation - Account Mute (7 Days)
3rd Violation - Account Mute (1 Month)
4th Violation - Permanent Account Ban

You may contact a GM or create a ticket in the game as soon as you have seen a breach of the rules. The case has to be proven by screenshots. The screenshot cannot be edited, nor can it be older than 1 week.
Please note that every player react different on certain things. Only ROW Staff will determine what is offensive, abusive or disturbing.

C) Cheating, Bug Abuse
Manipulating Rise Online World client is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban of your account.
The use/distribution of any software that interferes the game for Rise Online World that is not created or released by Rokogame Studios will result in a permanent ban of your account.
Using bots, keyboard simulators or any third party tools are also prohibited and will result in a permanent ban of your account. Using any program/script that plays the game in any automatic configuration while you are away from the computer is prohibited and will result in a permanent account ban.
If you find a bug and use it to your advantage you risk a permanent ban of your account/s. Bugs have to be reported to the ROW staff either by mail or ticket in the game.
It is strictly forbidden to unfairly obtain gold, battle points, items, experience points by abusing a bug in the game and it will result in a permanent ban of your account/s.

D) Grief Play
Grief play refers to play styles where a player intentionally disrupts the gaming experience of other players.
- XP Boosting (Taxi) It's forbidden to make "XP Boosting" for in game gold, items, Rise Cash or real money will penalize this behavior.

1st Violation - Account Ban (1 Day)
2nd Violation - Account Ban (7 Days)
3rd Violation - Account Ban (1 Month)
4th Violation - Permanent Account Ban

- Luring monsters to players with the intention to get that player killed, stealing kills from new players to disturb them in their quest will penalize this behavior.

1st Violation - Account Ban (1 Day)
2nd Violation - Account Ban (3 Days)
3rd Violation - Account Ban (7 Days)
4th Violation - Account Ban (1 Month)
5th Violation - Permanent Account Ban

E) Data
Each player has to keep their account data secret. You're not allowed to share your data such as account ID and password. You risk your account being hacked or compromised.
It's forbidden to share or ask other players for their data, you risk a permanent account ban.
ROW team will never ask you for your data including password, so don't share any of your informations with anyone.
It's forbidden to sell your account for Rise Cash, in game currencies, items or real money, you risk a permanent account ban. If you do so, please do not forget the owner of an account is only one and the owner can take it back whenever he/she wants as soon as he/she contacts with support.

F) Misleading Acts and Shares
 It is forbidden to use, disseminate or profit from unconfirmed and unverified information shared by the ROW staff/authorities or through the official channels of the game to create confusion or harm other members directly or indirectly.

1st Violation - Account Ban (3 Days)
2nd Violation - Account Ban (14 Days)
3rd Violation - Permanent Account Ban

G) Harassing Streamers
It is prohibited to 'persistently' harass, disturb streamers who are broadcasting our game live on any platform and prevent them to play their games in peace.

1st Violation - Attack Ban & Mute (1 Day)
2nd Violation - Attack Ban & Mute (7 Days)
3rd Violation - Attack Ban & Mute  (1 Month)
4th Violation - Permanent Account Ban

H) Help, Contact with Row Staff, Objections to a Ban
The instructions and decisions of ROW team are to be respected and followed.
Game Masters are not allowed to give items or money to players.
You shouldn't trade Game Masters or invite them in a clan, party.
Please use in game helpdesk (Ticket system) if you are looking for help or report a bug/player.
Ban discussions are prohibited on the forum and in the discord server.
If you want to object to your ban you have to contact the responsible ROW Staff. Please provide all information you have so your case can be dealt with as fast as possible. Objection shouldn't be more than 2 weeks old.
ROW Staff is permitted to penalize in game if players commit severe breaches of the rules in the forum or in the discord server, such as life threatening, heavy insulting, repeated offenses etc.

I) Item Replacement/Refund
Items refunds/replacements are only guaranteed if:
- they were lost due to a bug
- you did not receive paid store items.

J) Payment Fraud, Chargeback
Making payment or using payment service with a credit or debit card belonging to someone else without permission will result in a permanent ban of your account.
Requesting or receiving a refund from the bank or intermediary institution of the payment made will result in a permanent ban of your account.

K) Measures
Depending to severity of the offense the following measures may be carried out:
- Warning
- Kicking from the server/game
- Mute
- Ban of the account

L) Event and Group Dungeon Sabotage

Not doing what your character class requires (not hitting creatures, not using Heal abilities, not using DeBuff abilities, etc.)
Deliberately causing an error in Events and Group Dungeons, slowing progress, purposely giving points by dying to the opposing race.

1st Penalty - 1 Day Attack Restriction Penalty
2nd Penalty - 3 Days Attack Restriction Penalty
3. Penalty - 7-Day Attack Restriction Penalty
4th Penalty - 15-Day Attack Restriction
5. Penalty - Permanent Account Ban

Note: The above-mentioned code of conduct

ROW Team reserves the right to exclude a player from the game without the declaration of reasons. The Game Management reserves the right to change the game rules at any time.

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