[Announcement] Rise Online World - Alpha Testing (Alpha-1 Phase)

[Announcement] Rise Online World - Alpha Testing (Alpha-1 Phase)


Rise Online World - Alpha Testing [Alpha-1] (No NDA)

First phase of Alpha testing will start on 20th November.

Account creation will be available soon on our website. You need to create an account to apply for Alpha. We'll start with 1500 players then increase the numbers day by day to reach the max capacity.

Death Valley will be the only available map during Alpha-1. 
Mobs will be available on Death Valley.
Characters will be at their max levels, 70.
Pets and Mounts will be disabled because of PVP zone.
It'll be playable on Linux and Windows (64 bit) platforms.

We'll be testing/doing on Alpha-1 phase;
* Stress testing,
* All classes and sub-classes except Arcane Mage,
* Revised combat mechanics (including revised combo mechanics),
* Crowded group fights,
* New and revised skills,
* Souls of Crystal (8vs8 or 16vs16 pvp event map) , King of Duel (1vs1 pvp event map), Glory of the Kingdom (16vs16 pvp event map) are the events that also will be tested.


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