Fighters with high offensive power are indispensable for all wars and are the front line units. It specializes in many weapons that can be used with one hand and two hands. These warriors have always caused the break in wars between kingdoms.

Defensive warriors are the class with the highest defensive and survival skills you can find in the kingdoms. They draw all the attention, creating time and opportunity for other high damage units such as mages and archers.



Deals 300% damage, ignoring the opponent's physical defense.


Deals 200% damage to the opponent. Restores 20% of the damage dealt by HP.


With a chance to pin the opponent to the ground, he attacks an attack that deals 300% damage.

Warlord's Instinct

(Passive) After killing the enemy, physical damage is increased by 10% for a short time

Ultimate Defense

(Passive) Increases physical defense by 20%. If the shield is attached, the boost taken is doubled.

Blood Bath

Regenerates 5000 health points within 10 seconds.


Damage taken is deducted from mana for 10 seconds. If there is no mana point, it will be deducted from health points.


Jumps next to a party member nearby.

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