[Patch Notes] 3.1.0

[Patch Notes] 3.1.0



1- New products added to the store;
One-Time Offer Pack
Founder Pack
Progression Pack
Starter Pack
Fighter Pack
XP Boost Scroll (Lv70+)
Great HP Scroll 2500 (10x - 50x)
Great Defense Scroll 300 (10x - 50x)  

The usage time of R.O.W Assistant has been extended to 18 hours .
Free usage time = 2 hour s
Power Up = R.O.W. Assistant time extension parchmeen available with Roco. (6 hours)
Magic Puppet = R.O.W. Assistant time extension parchomene available with Rise Cash. ( 10 hours )

2- Added new abilities to all classes. Click for details;
3- A feature has been added to the costumes with the parchments that you can get from the npc in the game. Click for details;
4- Tier6 quality (Imperial) armors have been added to creatures.
5- 5 new quest creatures (Hellfire, Bloodspiller, Lord of the Undead, Bone Dragon, Orc Commander) have been added to "Hagard and Haddar".
6- +66 missions have been added.
7- The new event Luck has been added to the game. Click for details;

Important Announcement: The use of Faction Change Scroll will be closed until the next announcement after 23.09.2022 20:00.




8- The Rush ability in the Rogue Scout section has been updated to increase the speed by 100% to 75%.
9- Rush II ability has been added to the Rogue Assassination section, which gives the ability to increase the speed by 100%.
10- Skill book item has been added to Wisdom, Order, Age and Life Monuments in Death Valley. Monuments have a respawn time of 1 hour.
11- Products with changing store prices and features;
XP Boost Scroll Lv1-50  Old: 50% exp 200RC   New: 100% exp  100RC
XP Boost Scroll Lv1-60 Old: 20% exp 600RC New: 60% exp 450RC
XP Boost Scroll Lv1-70 Old: 10% exp 1000RC New: 30% exp 900RC
12- Premium features have been adjusted to affect level 75.
13- Options to replace old craft materials have been added to the Stonemasonry and Tailoring crafting menus.
14- You can transform your Silver and Golden Earring-Ring-Necklace jewelry into Basic Earring, Ring and Chain items from the Jewel Crafting menu in the crafting interface.
15- Fixed Enhanced Stonehammer, Enhanced Pickaxe, Enhanced Sickle, Enhanced Secateurs Crafting weapons not working.
16- The production times of Enhanced Epic and Enhanced Unique weapons have been adjusted.
17- Production exp of Potatoes with Mushroom, Cream of Mushroom Soup and Fish Soup craft items has been increased.
18- Mission expes on Dorion, Protean, and Lunaskar Kingdom maps increased by 30 %.
19- XP odds of creatures on the dungeon map have been doubled.
20- Alchemy UPDATE
Small HP Recovery Potion: Recovers 200 HP over 20 seconds. CD: 1 min.
Medium HP Recovery Potion:   Recovers 400 HP over 20 seconds. CD: 1 min.
Big HP Recovery Potion:   Recovers 800 HP over 20 seconds. CD: 1 min.
Great HP Recovery Potion: Recovers 1200 HP over 20 seconds. CD: 1 min.

Small MP Recovery Potion: Recovers 400 MP over 20 seconds. CD: 1 min.
Medium MP Recovery Potion:   Recovers 800 MP over 20 seconds. CD: 1 min.
Big MP Recovery Potion:   Recovers 1600 MP over 20 seconds. CD: 1 min.
Great MP Recovery Potion: Recovers 2400 MP over 20 seconds. CD: 1 min.

Small Rejuvenation Potion: Restores 200 HP and 200 MP instantly. CD: 1 min.
Medium Rejuvenation Potion:   Restores 400 HP and 400 MP instantly. CD: 1 min.
Big Rejuvenation Potion:   Restores 800 HP and 800 MP instantly. CD: 1 min.
Great Rejuvenation Potion: Restores 1200 HP and 1200 MP instantly. CD: 1 min.

-Mullet: Recovers 90->120 HP.
-Seabass: Recovers 120->240 HP.
-Pigfish: Recovers 240->320 HP.
-Pinfish: Restores 60->80 HP per 2s for 10s. (400 HP in 10s)
-Red Snapper: Restores 100 MP per 2s for 10s. (500MP in 10s)
-Flounder: Recovers 480->600 MP.
-Squid: Increases stats by 1 -> Restores 200 MP per 2s for 10s. (1000MP in 10s)
-Seafoods with incorrect description have been edited.

Omelette: Increases quarrying speed by 5% for 10 min.
Baked Bonito: Increases harvesting speed by 5% for 10 min.
Salmon Steak: Increases archaeology speed by 5% for 10 min.
Asparagus with Tomatoes: Increases max HP by 1000 for 20 min.
Lamb Cutlet: Repairs 10% durability of your equipped items.
Shrimp Saganaki: Increases mana regeneration by 60 for 5 min. (9000MP in 5 min)
Meat Skewer: Increases health regeneration by 40 for 5 min. (6000 HP in 5 min)
Baked Lobster: Increases BP gain per kill by 2 for 20 min.

Some bonuses and features you can obtain have been limited.
Gold Bonus 25%
XP Bonus 300%
Attack Bonus 10%
HP Leech Bonus 10%
MP Leech Bonus 10%
MP Burn Bonus 10%
BP Bonus Per Kill 10
Weight Bonus 5000
Weapon Resistance 50
Elemental Resistance 300
-The purpose of the limits is to maintain the balance in the game, new limits will come with other patches.

-The weights of Enhanced quality picking tools have been adjusted.
-Philippines and Netherlands flag names were misspelled, edited.
- Flag weights have been reduced (20->5).
-Weapon, armor and accessory shard weights have been reduced (3->1).
-The sale price of Accessory Upgrade Scroll item has been increased. (60,000 coins -> 240,000 coins.)
-The price of Rare upgrade scrolls has been increased. (112.000 coins -> 120.000 coins.)
- Weight value entered for all scrolls (0-> 0.1)
-The selling prices of Narun Dust, Stone, Crystal and Cube items to NPCs have been increased. Weight value entered (0-> 0.1)
-The icons of the "basic attack and defense scroll" items have been updated. In addition, the weight value was entered (0->0.1)
- Updated icons for Resurrection Cube, Stone, Bronze Bar, Silver Bar and Golden Bar, Shrimp, Fire Essence, Water Essence.
-Category items descriptions have been adjusted.
-Collection tools icons have been adjusted.
-Added "Spear" (required item for the Warrior class's Spectral Spear ability) to the Supply Merchant.
- Adjustments were made to some Misc items such as name, description, weight, sales price.


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