[Patch Notes] 3.2.3

[Patch Notes] 3.2.3


[Halloween Event]

- The event has ended, Halloween invaders have been removed.
- Halloween quests will remain for one more week so you can still complete quests by collecting required items from players.

[Daily Sign-in Rewards]

- Still on test phase, it'll be activated with the next patch. Please report bugs until then.

[Skill Adjustments]

- Changed the level requirement of Retribution skill of Priest (68 -> 67).
- Changed the color of Priest "shield skill" FX from yellow to blue for Proteans.
- Shield skill of Priests will no longer block friendly players.

[Group Dungeon Adjustments]

- Gates of certain areas will be open after certain amount of time when you're in group dungeon.
1st area (Desperate skull) will be open after 8 minutes.
2nd area (Ogre-Orc Chieftain-Medusa-Veteran Orc) will be open after 16 minutes.
3rd area (Scared Rae-Hell Guardian) will be open after 24 minutes.
4th area (Jumping on columns) will have a teleporting portal after 28 minutes. The gate of Venomspiller will be open after 32 minutes after you've entered the dungeon.
5th area (Pearls) will be open even if you haven't put any of pearls after 40 minutes.
6th area -The bridge- will be open after 48 minutes.

[UI & UX Adjustments]

- You'll receive a notification on the top of the screen when you complete a quest.

- Added Turkish translations to the event schedule.
- Fixed the bug that caused the mouse cursor to stick on the ui window.
- Added "Lucky Draw" and "Mount Race (still on test phase)" events to the event schedule.
  Lucky Draw (14:00, 19:00, 21:00, 01:00 GMT+3)
  Mount Race (10:00, 15:00, 18:00, 03:00 GMT+3)

[Item Adjustments]

- Attack power of Razu's Staff has been increased by 16.
- Attack power of Archmage's Fire Staff has been increased by 12.
- Attack power of Archmage's Frost Staff has been increased by 8.
- Attack power of Thunder Staff has been increased by 10.
- Attack power of Enhanced Hysterial Staff has been increased by 6.
- Added the "Adamantine Bar" that worth coins for the events.

[Limit Adjustments]

- Changed the limit of "BP Bonus Per Kill" from 5 to 10.

[System Adjustments]

- Improved the system of auto attack (R) mechanics.

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