4.3.0. Patch Notes

4.3.0. Patch Notes


[General Regulations]

* Adjusted the attack distance of classes that use physical attacks against destructible crystals in all events and maps.
* Destructible crystals in all events and maps have been arranged as collapsible objects.
* After destroying the crystals in all events and maps, the problem that the surrounding opponent players cannot be selected due to the "hitbox" remaining has been fixed.
* Fixed the issue where arrow attacks hit the destroyed crystal after the crystals in all events and maps were destroyed.
* The health of the Monument of Fate crystal in the Death Valley map has been increased from 850,000 to 1,500,000.
* The health points of Gor'Khan and Frosthorn creatures have been increased from 352,000 to 640,000, and the use of the "Bloodlust" ability has been turned off on these creatures.
* Removed the item "Spike" from the "Stalker" creature's loot list.
* Fixed the issues where Crafted and Enhanced front armors could not be upgraded or disintegrated.
* Changed the rewards of the Crystal Fortress War event:
- In matches between levels Lv60-69; winning team get XP Scroll, Wooden Chest, 7m XP. The losing team gets 5m XP. In case of a draw, both sides get 6m XP.
- In Lv70+ level matches; winning team gets XP Scroll, Gold Chest, 10m XP. The losing team gets Wooden Chest and 8m XP. In case of a draw, both sides get 9m XP.
* Fixed navigation problems on Dorion map.
* Added visual effects to Jade Dagger, Brutal Impaler, and Frozen Mace.
* Visual editing work has been done in some areas reported on the Death Valley map.
* The collection time of the collection objects on Death Valley has been halved.
* Fixed an issue where Gold and Silver collection materials were not appearing on the Death Valley map.
* Sub-professional level incompatibilities encountered in item production have been fixed.
* Removed recipes for exchanging food and potions in the "Others" recipes area in crafting. Added recipes for wood, iron and leather trading in this area.
* Fixed an issue where two baits were consumed in Fishing.
* Fixed the bug of obtaining Swordfish instead when holding Rusty Anchor while fishing.
* Fixed some minor reported bugs.

[What's New]
* The new Solo Dungeon (Darkness Cavern) map has been added to the game. Each player will be able to enter this dungeon once a day.
* The Thunderbreath creature has been added to the Death Valley map to spawn randomly every day between 11:00 PM and 11:59 PM. The items that can be obtained from this creature are as follows:
- golden bar
- Silver bar
- Belt of Iron Legionairre
- Belt of Battle Mage
- Lorna's Belt
- Elven Belt
- Cursed Belt
- Blessing Belt
- Sun Belt
- Moon Belt
- Belt of Anticipation
- Belt of Repel
- Warlord Pendant
- Amulet of Chaos
- Divine Pendant
- Blue Dragon Pendant
- Dark Mamba (+1)
- Deathwish (+1)
- Dagger of Balance (+1)
- Warbow (+1)
- Elven Bow (+1)
- Celestial Shield (+1)
- Judgment Shield (+1)
- Equalizer (+1)
- Shield of Hope (+1)
- Shield of Precision (+1)
- Shield of Prophecy (+1)
- Rogue Shield (+1)
- Warlock Shield (+1)
- Luna's Fire Rod (+1)
- Luna's Glaze Rod (+1)
- Luna's Flash Rod (+1)
- Jade Sword (+1)
- Scimitar (+1)
- Gunnar's Saber (+1)
- Cannibal Blade (+1)
- Avengers (+1)
- Overseer (+1)
- Ax of Destruction (+1)
- Nighthorror (+1)
- Matthew's Warhammer (+1)
- Stormbringer (+1)
- King's Ornate Hammer (+1)
- Hell's Scream (+1)
- Lance of the Champion (+1)
- Mithril Spear (+1)
- Kaleb's Hate (+1)
- Hysterial Staff (+1)
- Swiftblade (+1)
- Jeremias' Claymore (+1)
- Doombringer (+1)
- Hellreaver (+1)
- Frozen Mace (+1)
- Harpoon (+1)
- Vixen (+1)
- Hatred's Blade (+1)
- Battle Mage's Shield (+1)
- Ranger's Shield (+1)
- Hysterial Staff (+1)
- Swiftblade (+1)
- Jeremias' Claymore (+1)
- Doombringer (+1)
- Ruby Ax (+1)
- Frozen Mace (+1)
- Harpoon (+1)
- Vixen (+1)
- Hatred's Blade (+1)
- Battle Mage's Shield (+1)
- Ranger's Shield (+1)


[Skill Adjustments]
* Fixed bugs in applying damage in the Rogue class's "Slash, Cut Off, Deep Cut, Carnage" abilities.
* Fixed the bug where the "Smoke Bomb" ability of the Rogue class was ineffective when the bomb hit an object.
* Critical chance of Rogue class "Assasination" has been increased from 20% to 30%.
* Adjusted the critical damage hit rate to match the description of the Rogue class's "Who is Next" ability.


[Interface Edits]
* Adjusted the icons of Twitch Drop items whose icons are not visible in the reward collection section in the store.
* Updated Crafted and Enhanced front armor icons.
* The problem of not assigning a command to the "Tab" key has been fixed.
* Fixed the issue where the "show head armor" option becomes inactive again after your character moves to another region.
* You will now be able to see players online and offline in your friends list. However, all friend lists were deleted for this reason.
* 5 seconds exit time has been activated when you click on "Select Character" and "Exit Game" options. Action is canceled when damage is taken.
* R.O.W. Added 45 meters attack distance limit to Assistant app.
* R.O.W. Disabled "R" auto-hit action while Assistant is active.
* Removed the black minimap from Land of Despair. All minimaps will be updated as soon as possible.

* You will now be able to see your total stat points in stat point usage.

* Updated the text that appears on the party leader when searching for a new party member.

* Premium players will now be able to see the amount of bonus gold out of the box. (Total Gold Bonus is in the main collected gold and will be added to the bonus section in later studies).

* Costume hiding feature has been activated.

* Now, when you exceed 95% of the weight you can carry, you will see this warning icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

* "Party Teleport Block" feature has been activated.


[System and Optimization]
* The number of items you can sell at the same time in the Auction House has been updated to 8. Limits have been updated specifically for the account.
* Items put up for sale in the Auction House will now be automatically removed from the list after 24 hours.
* Players who log out or connect in events will be kicked out of the relevant map if they do not reconnect within 10 minutes.
* The "Mount Race" event has been reactivated.
* Widely updated on the UI optimization application.
* Fixed the issue where players' names would appear when behind rocks, trees, buildings.
* Pop-up chat activated.
* Visual problems in Directx 12 option have been fixed.
* Updated "Self Merchant" spawn distances between two players to 3 meters.
* The slaughter animal named "Chicken" has been rendered unselectable with the nearest target selection key (Z).
* Fixed problems when shredding items when the carry weight limit was reached.
* Worked on the "Magical Looter" item's loot collection issue.
* Fixed issues with using magic abilities after using wand abilities in the Mage class.
* Worked on the issue of characters from different races getting intertwined and blocking each other during PvP.
* Now, when collecting collecting materials on the map, verification codes will appear on the screen every 50+.
* The name of the player who destroyed the Monument of Fate crystal on the Death Valley map will now appear on the chat screen as an announcement.

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