5.0.0. Patch Notes

5.0.0. Patch Notes


[What's New]

* New items (Royal Premium, Quiver of Eternity, XP Boost Scroll (Lv1-85), Superior HP Scroll) have been added to the shop. Updated the current premium name to Elite Premium. Players with the old premium will be able to use the same features until the premium period expires. Up-to-date features will be active if a new premium is installed. (You can use Elite and Royal Premium products at the same time, and you can purchase each premium type for a maximum of 3 months.)
* Updated store prices of some products. You can find detailed information about premium and store products on the forum.
* Added "Xayroth, Rhoc, Earth Golem, and Paralyzed Dragonkin" creatures to the Hagard and Haddar maps. The "Brutaur" creature has been added to the Death Valley map.
* Expanded Hagard, Haddar and Death Valley maps.
* The "Plague Beast" creature has been added to the game. It will spawn in the central area of the Death Valley map every 30 minutes between 20:00 and 04:00 during the Ramadan event.
* Regalia item has been added to the game due to Ramadan events. "Unidentified Regalia" item spawns 100% of the "Plague Beast" creature. You can exchange this item at the NPC named [Fortune Teller] in Dorion. As a result of the exchange, you will randomly receive one of the Regalia of Apex Predator, Regalia of Peace and Regalia of Growth.
* The repeatable mission system has been added to the game. Daily - weekly repeatable quests have been added to the game.
* New missions have been added to the Death Valley, Haddar-Hagard, Dorion and Narun Tower maps.
* Added letter quests to NPC [Darcia] in Dorion due to Ramadan events.
* 5TL, 10TL, 20TL, 40TL, 50TL, 100TL and 200TL coupons belonging to our dealers Klasgame, YemekSepeti, Oyuneks, Vatangame and Gençer Gaming have been added to the game. You can collect these letters by killing certain creatures (dungeon creatures) in the game and you can earn coupons by completing the words. In the next stages, many different companies and gifts will be included in this system. After collecting the letters, you can complete the dealer name from the NPC named [Darcia] in Dorion. After obtaining the coupon item, when you right-click on it, the coupon code will appear in the Store / Bag / Transaction history section. You can use these coupon codes on related sites and get a balance.
* In order to win a prize in the Bloody Valley event, you will need to earn at least 5% of the player with the most battle points in your team.
In other words, the player with the most battle points in your team will determine the reward limit for the team members.

* Daily login rewards have been activated. (There may be differences in the sample image)


* Ramadan events have been activated. For details tıklayınız.
* Ramadan Twitch Drop event has been activated. For details tıklayınız.


[Skill Adjustments]
* The regen time of the Rogue class's "Stepback" ability has been updated to 60 seconds.
* Damage of Mage class's "Sun Blast, Flame Meteor, Ice Blast, Ice Meteors, Stormbringer and Lightning Meteor" abilities has been increased as all classes' health values have increased.
* New abilities have been added to classes due to Lv85 cap update.


[General Regulations]
* Fixed a boss drop text error in group dungeon room 1 (15500).
* Fixed technical issue with Skipjack fish.
* Fixed a bug where King Crab and Blue Crab items could be added to the skill bar.
* When the market limit is reached in Dorion, you will now receive an error message in the system messages area at the bottom right.
* All racers will now appear as "Racer" in the "Mount Race" event.
* Worked on the problems with the time counters in the "Mount Race" ranking list.
* Work has been done on the white icon issue that occurs in the party bar in event maps that automatically create a party.
* Adjusted the UI on the map to change color when mini-bosses are killed in the Darkness Cavern dungeon.
* Navigate to the selected area on the map by navigation in the Darkness Cavern dungeon.
* If you log out of the game more than twice in CFW and BVW events, you will be automatically kicked out of the event.
* The ability to return to the character selection screen while the macro detection protection is active is turned off.
* The system of dungeon rights renewal has been changed. Your new login right will now be active 24 hours after the last login time.
* It has been reactivated that the character name does not appear behind objects such as walls, trees, towers, rocks.
* The max level system has been introduced in order to complete some missions (before level 75).
* A stat point limit has been added to the Rogue class. When more than 182 points are given to the Health stat points, the character will not receive a bonus. (Health points from jewelry and items are not affected by this).
* Due to the addition of new creatures, the item drop rates of the "Runic Golem, Troll Beast, Grim Reaper, and Archdemon" creatures in the Hagard and Haddar maps have been slightly reduced.
* Adjusted the recovery time of the "Monument of Fate" crystal in the Death Valley map to occur randomly between 60-90 minutes.
* The health points of Chicken, Stag, Boar, Tiger, Bear, Zebra, Wolf, Leopard and Elephant animals have been adjusted, they can only be killed by auto attack.
* R.O.W. The total daily usage time of the Assistant has been increased to 23 hours (15 hours with Magic Puppet, 6 hours with Power Up, 1 or 2 hours with Premium).
* Channel count of Hagard and Haddar maps has been increased to 5. On channel 5, R.O.W. By activating the assistant, item drops are turned off for the assistant on this map.
* The general arrangement of the weapon production (Weapon Smithing) profession has been made, especially above 32 levels. Click for details.
* Added Weapon and Armor Shard swap options to "Crafting > Others".
* Fixed some reported bugs.


[Sistem ve Optimizasyon]
* In order to win a prize in the Bloody Valley event, you will need to earn at least 5% of the player with the most battle points in your team.
* In other words, the player with the most battle points in your team will determine the reward limit for the team members.
* UI optimization has been made available in HP and Mana bars. You can choose the animated or static bar from the "Settings" menu.

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