6.0.1 Mini Patch Notes

6.0.1 Mini Patch Notes



The issue with item reflection in the chat section has been resolved.
The incorrect level display problem in the accessory upgrade notice system has been fixed.
The issue of excessive bonus granting in set bonus accessories and clothing has been resolved.
The problem of cosmetic items not applying extra buffs has been fixed.
The deduction of seasonal (right) battle points when making clan BP donations has been removed.
The issue with clan buffs has been resolved.
You will no longer be able to dismantle accessories with a level of +1 or higher.
The issue of some players not appearing in kill quests has been resolved.
The Auction House has been reactivated.
Crystal Fortress War event has been reactivated.
Blood Valley War event has been reactivated.
Accessory Shard exchange has been added to the Crafting > Others menu as previously announced in the patch notes.
Various reported errors related to gathering and crafting have been fixed


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