7.0.1 Patch Notes

7.0.1 Patch Notes


General Regulations

1) General optimization and fps related works were carried out.
2) Optimization work was done on all costumes.
3) The Swordstrike, Tectonic Strike, Swordquake Slam and Earthshaker abilities in the Warrior - Knight Talent tree require you to target your enemy to use them.
4) Fixed the issue where the Rampage ability in the Warrior - Knight skill tree and the Frenzy ability in the Attack section could be pressed at the same time.
5) A warning has been added to the Kaleb Dungeon Pass item. When you try to use your dungeon pass at an earlier time, the next entry date will be displayed.
6) When you right-click on the item again on the specified date, your dungeon pass will be added to your account.

7) Increased the damage of the Astral Shot and Fatal Arrow abilities by 10% against Warrior and Rogue class.
8)Fixed an issue where warrior damage from the Mage Chaos jewelry set was not affecting area abilities.
9)Added a selection feature for the animation of Mage damage abilities and the animation of the dispel ability on priest classes (including all abilities that use this animation).

10)Fixed the issue where newly added items did not appear on the Action house.
11)Fixed an issue with the Bloodlust skill.
12)Fixed the issue of missing skill/stat points in the 1+1 event.
13)A general work was done on the problems experienced in Svaland dungeon.
14)Improvements have been made to the system that shows the conditions under which you can obtain the boxes of boss class creatures.
Details about the working logic of the system are given below.

The party or player who deals the most damage will get the box.

To obtain the box, the party or player must deal a minimum of 5% damage.

Any party or player who deals damage can drop a box.

15)Work was carried out on the skill icon disappearance problem in the skill bar.
16)Work was carried out on the problem experienced in repair operations in the clan building.
17)Work has been done on the problem experienced in item shredding operations.
18)Work was carried out on the problem with creatures.
19)Work was done on the problem with character names in the Death Valley region.
20)When the market is set up, actions such as moving/rotating the character have been restricted.
21)Updated the text on the health change log screen. Examples are below.




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