9.3.1 Patch Notes

9.3.1 Patch Notes


Daily login rewards have been reset.
Green, Yellow, Red Crystal drops from the Inferno event have been reduced slightly. Onxy Crystal drop rates have been increased. 
1+1 event has started on Aarvad server (The maximum level you can be is 80) 
1+1 event activated on Galia and Mantis server up to level 70 

Event end date is June 30, 2024) (Event valid for even levels)
Battle Point icons have been updated. Separated into season and all-time.
Added easy solo mini bosses to Hagard and Haddar maps.
DeathMatch event has been activated on Death Valley map.(Dates will be given)
Added visual FX at levels +7 +8 and +9 of Elite and Imperial clothing sets.
Celestial Anklet has been activated on Galia and Mantis servers. 
How to make Celestial Anklet. Click here.
“Celestial Chest” quest has been added to the NPC in Death Valley map.(Note: Kill quests do not count at the same time.) The quest will be active between 19:00 - 02:00. 


You can do the task in the hatched areas in the screenshot.

Drop List
Brawler's Earring
Mystic Earring
Cleric's Earring
Assassin's Earring
Lifebloom Earring
Earring of Persistence
Knight's Earring
Warlock's Earring
Holy Priest's Earring
Ranger's Earring
Brawler's Ring
Mystic Ring
Cleric's Ring
Assassin's Ring
Lifebloom Ring
Black Soul Ring
Knight's Ring
Warlock's Ring
Holy Priest's Ring
Ranger's Ring
Longevity Belt
Belt of Repel
Knight's Pendant
Warlock's Pendant
Holy Priest's Pendant
Ranger's Pendant
Brawler's Pendant
Mystic Pendant
Cleric's Pendant
Assassin's Pendant
Lifebloom Pendant
Black Soul Pendant
Black Moon Pendant
Blessing Belt
Belt of Anticipation
Chaos Ring
Divine Ring
Warlord Earring
Chaos Earring
Divine Earring
Blue Dragon Earring
Warlord Ring
Blue Dragon Ring
Belt of Battle Mage
Lorna's Belt
Elven Belt
Belt of Iron Legionnaire
Moon Belt
Amulet of Chaos
Divine Pendant
Blue Dragon Pendant
Sun Belt
Warlord Pendant
Cursed Belt
Lionheart Defender Belt
Silver Bar

New Death Valley map has been activated in Deathmatch mode. Days and times will be announced in the coming days.  Click here.
Elite, Imperial and Radiant clothing sets and derivatives have special visual FX added to levels +7 +8 and +9.

The 85 level mode of the Deathmatch event at 17:00 has been updated to 65 Level.

The “Celestial Chest” quest has been activated on the Galia and Mantis servers. You can access it from the quest NPC on the Death Valley map.

     -The quest will be available every day between 19:00 - 02:00 (Note: Kill quests do not count at the same time).


Warrior Swordstrike, Tectonic Strike, Swordquake Slam and Earthshaker Strike abilities have been slightly reduced in damage against the Warrior class.
Rampage's 25% defense reduction effect has been adjusted to 20% when used.
Slash, Cut Off, Deep Cut and Carnage damage has been reduced slightly.
Green, Yellow, Red Crystal drops from the Inferno event have been reduced slightly. Onxy Crystal drop rates have been increased. 
Fixed issues when wearing items with Bag Expansion on.
Updated the minimum level to vote in kingdom elections to 80.
Deathmatch Event:
-Fixed an issue where the Priest class icon on the scoreboard would appear white.
-Revamped the respawn window design for the Deathmatch event.

In the Deathmatch event, the HP Scroll quantity has been updated to 2 and a 60 second cooldown time has been added.
Fixed the issue of item quantities appearing red on the Auction House.
When you use the Revive and Resurrect abilities in the Priest DeBuff talent tree, the function duration of the ability has been updated to be valid for 15 seconds.

Removed the upgrade animation that appears when pressing “Enter” when there is no item in the upgrade window.

Fixed the old item preview issue when hovering over the preview option.
Upped the daily spin allowance to 20.
Fixed the issue where the icon would move out of the window when the chat and log window is maximized.
Increased the minimum character level required to use Unique quality collection tools (75 -> 80)
Work has begun on new damage adjustments along with the item adjustments. You will be able to see these changes in the game in the next update. Details will be shared during the week. 



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