Alpha 2.2.1 Patch Notes

- The slow attack issue experienced by the Rogue class with crossbow weapons has been fixed.
- Invisible item (Battle mace, Reflex bow) issues in the hand of the character have been fixed.
- The problem of leaders and assistants not appearing in the clans has been fixed.
- Fixed the issue where the wrong class item was given in the "Old Lads I" quest.
- "Inventory full" error in "Exemining dark magic, Final proof, Broken sword, Eye for eye" missions has been fixed.
- Fixed the issue where FX was not appearing on the Pole Ax +8 weapon.
- The duration of "Aarvad's Myth" skill in Priest class has been updated to 240sec.
- A letter indicating the class of the goods has been added to the descriptions of the weapons and clothes. (Basic, Rare etc.)
- Fixed the issue where stamina would appear to be zero when the weapon was repaired.
- Fixed the issue where the repair time of the weapons was falling quickly.
- Optimization work has been done.
- Many visual problems in maps have been fixed.

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