Alfa 2.6.2 Patch Notes

Alfa 2.6.2 Patch Notes


Alpha 2.6.2 Patch Notes

- Fixed the issue where you could not use potion while using the ability.
- The error in the party system that broke the box distribution order of the people who were included in the party afterwards, has been fixed.
- The cooldown of the Priest class's "Retribution" ability has been adjusted to 20 seconds.
- Fixed the issue where the rogue archer class did not deal damage during the last cast with the mana required for the ability.
- Fixed the issue where closed "Whisper" windows were overlapping.
- Corrections were made to typographical errors in items and missions.
- Automatic sizing for long character names has been introduced.
- General optimization work has been done.
- DLSS integration studies have started.

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