Closed Beta 1.6 Patch Notes

Closed Beta 1.6 Patch Notes


Closed Beta 1.6 Patch Notes



-Fixed the level bug in the party bar.
-Fixed the color error in the names of the party members.
- When a new character is created, the problem that the first character is selected when entering the game has been fixed.
-Added warning to Bound items.
-Fixed the minimap visual bug in the Proteam Kingdom map.
-Synchronization errors in the chat window on the Death Valley map have been fixed.
-The problem of changing the name of the linked item has been fixed.
-All of the options to reject requests in Settings > Gameplay have been made functional.
- Fixed the problem of the party locking feature being reversed.
-The problem of appearing as pressed in the lower right main menus has been fixed.
-In the Offline Market system, the problem of calculating the price of multiple items as a single item has been fixed.
-Fixed the situation where multi-production did not work fully efficiently in the Crafting menu.
-Fixed an error in catching crab species in the Fishing profession.
-And many more tiny UI-UX fixes to count...


-We received from our players that the characters and monsters are shaking when they are in far distance and the reason of this problem that we have a performance system that is activating automaticlly when your FPS lower than or equal 50 FPS.
We fixed this problem and now the performance system working with 40 FPS.

-We noticed a problem in the character movement. Sometimes the character's moving animation is working but the player postion in not updating and sometimes when you have a lot of players in your screen some players are jumping and not moving smoothly.
We start fixing this problem but it is not confirmed yet as resolved because it will need a lot of tests from our players. This is the last patch for this point.

Update on Trying to Automate the Game

Recently, we realized that one of the most disruptive elements of the player experience is the software and hardware that automates the game.
We have a new system for this;

You can report a user that you think has automated the game to us by right-clicking on the 'Report for Macro' option.
The player who receives this report from 5 different users in a row will face a verification and if he does not complete this verification within 40 seconds, he will not be able to use the automatic target selection button until he re-enters the game. ('Z' key in game default settings.)

In addition, there are 2 different systems we are currently using for detection. The first is the Automatic Macro Detection System that we experienced in Alfa 2.0. Second, manual detection of the gamemaster. Third, the player report system above.

We hope we can ensure a fair game order for all players.

Note: While gamemaster manual detection has no fixed penalty, it is Attack Blocking for 24 hours on first detection.

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