Closed Beta 3.0 Patch Notes

Closed Beta 3.0 Patch Notes



* "NFT Market" has been activated.
* Optimized some of skill effects.
* Reduced the range of "Sharp Eye" skill from 50 meters to 25 meters.
* The tolerance for working outside of limited area has been removed for Priest and Mage classes.
* Fixed the "Casting Failed" bug of some skills of Priest and Mage classes.
* Fixed "Smoke Bomb" and "Stepback" skills of the Rogue class.
* 100m gold has been added to your current characters. New characters will also have it. 
* Rank symbols have been added. Best players will have rank icons next to their in game names depending on battle point ranking.
Best players from each classes and factions will have "Legend" rank.
The rest is:
2. and 3. Champion
4-...-10 Epic
11-...-20 Master
21-...-50 Rookie

Legend          Champion           Epic          Master



* Appearing again and again of the "Keyboard&Mouse" Tutorial interface has been fixed. 
* The skill interface has been updated. 
* You can now spend your stat points faster by holding down the "+" button in the character details window.
* The display of user names in the game has been optimized.


* We are planning since a long time to increase the players maximum draw distance. It was 60 meters and we will increase it to 80 meters in this patch.
To do this a modification on the "Automatic Performance System" has been done. This system is working as the following:
a- If you have a FPS drop lower than 30 FPS the system will automatically work.
b- The far players (distance > 60 meters in PK maps and > 30 meters in Non PK maps) will be loaded as a light version (without clothes, wings and different body material).
c- If your FPS is bigger than 45 for about 10 seconds the system will be automatically closed.
d- You can close this system if you don't like it from the game settings. But all characters located in a distance bigger than 60 meters will be light version in all of the situations.

* The maximum FPS limit in the game is 120 FPS from now. We did this because we received a lot of messages for our players like "i have RTX 2060 GPU but the temperature is so high". 

* The camera zooming in at your character's head after login or after teleporting has been removed.

* Our game settings have been reseted (So guys it is not a bug we reseted it).

* The monster movement problem has been fixed. We are waitting for your feedbacks.

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