Closed Beta 3.3.0 Patch Notes

Closed Beta 3.3.0 Patch Notes


-Added 5 different death animations to the characters.
-Character death sounds have been renewed.
-Fixed the problem that the skills you took to the shortcut by right-clicking could not be used stably.
-The option to reset your game windows (UI) to default settings has been added to the settings menu.
-Fixed the issue where skills affecting the entire party could not be used when your target is a dead user.
-Fixed an issue where the Mage class would need to move to use an skill again when it wanted to use an skill outside of its skill range.
-Fixed the issue where the Warrior class's stun abilities were not working on creatures.
-Warrior class's Blink ability; Fixed the issue where the character would not teleport even though the skill was cast and went on cooldown.
-Warrior class; Fixed the issue where Assassin class characters would disappear from invisibility when using Attention.
-Priest class; Fixed the issue where Assassin class characters would not go out of invisibility when using Weaken and similar skills.
-The Roco Token drop rates of Monuments in the Death Valley region have been increased.
   -Monument of Fate: 0.1 ROCO
   -Other Monuments: 0.2 ROCO

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