Closed Beta 3.5.0 Patch Notes

Closed Beta 3.5.0 Patch Notes


-When your character has any poison effects, the color of the health bar in the party bar will now be displayed as orange.
-The maximum number of items you can craft has been made visible in the Craft menu.
-The maximum value of the font size in the chat window has been increased.
-In the skill bar, the problem where the skill bar moves when clicking on a certain area (the corner of the skill windows on the second page) has been changed.
-Fixed the problem that the female character body shaping area would not work.
-During the purchase of items, when purchasing multiple items, the plurality and overlapping of purchase sounds has been fixed.
-We are aware of the problem of invisible characters appearing on the minimap and we are working on it. The enemy race display feature on the Death Valley minimap has been completely disabled until this issue is resolved.

Bug Fixes
-The bug of using the same skill in duplicate by putting it in different skill boxes has been detected and fixed.
-Fixed the problem where the names of the characters coming behind you would not appear while standing still in an area.

-Automatic Performance Mode (APM) has been rearranged to always be active in order to prevent FPS drop in areas with high player count. If you do not want to use this system; You can disable Settings > Video > Automatic Performance Mode(APM).
-We are aware of the problem of freezing in the game in areas where the number of players is high and we are working on it. We think this problem is caused by insufficient machine RAM. For this reason, we have made an arrangement in the memory cleaning system (Garbage Collection).
Also, all players with 4GB and 8GB RAM can upgrade their virtual memory (if there is enough space) to avoid this problem. To check how to make this setting, you can refer to point 8 in the link below.

-Player name widgets have been reworked for better optimization.
-Lighting and shadow work on the following maps have been optimized again for better performance. For this reason, the patch size will be larger than other patches.
  -Lunaskar Kingdom
  -Protean Kingdom
  -Hagard Castle
  -Haddar Lightlands
  -1vs1 Arena

Note: AMD FSR and Nvidia DLSS systems contain a lot of features in terms of performance. For this reason, if your graphics cards support these systems, do not forget to activate them. Also, Nvidia DLSS feature does not require RTX feature. So if you have a video card that does not support RTX but supports DLSS, feel free to use this feature.

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