[Patch Notes] 1.2.0

[Patch Notes] 1.2.0


Ability updates

1- Visual adjustment for FX displayed in Priest Debuffer abilities. You will now be able to see the Debuff abilities thrown at you more clearly.
2- Visual work was done on Rogue and Priest Dispel FX.
3- Fixed FX issues on Kryss, Spike, Hand Ax of Minatour, War Scythe of the Damned and Eternal Ax items. Over time, adjustments will continue to be made on items that are visually incorrect.
4- In general, optimization studies were carried out on FX's.

UI-UX updates

1- If your level is no sufficient when passing through the gates in the Haddar area, it will write the level limit as an error.
2- Fixed the issue where the target HP indicator sticks to the mouse while widget moving.
3- HP and MP typos on the party display widget have been fixed.
4- The class typo in the friend list has been fixed and the friend list page has been edited.
5- 2,100,000,000 gold limit has been imposed on the total price of the items placed on the market. If the total amount of money on your character and the items in the market exceeds gold, you will not be able to put items on the market.
6- Action has been taken for a rare error in deleting used abilities.

Bug Fixes

1- Fixed the display issues of Butcher's Cleaver and Frostblade items.
2- Fixed the issue where the creature named Lava Golem, located on the 18th floor in the Narun tower region, would get stuck on the objects on the map.
3- The problem of the door on the 7th floor in the Narun tower region not working has been fixed.
4- The problems that occurred during the use of Craft items have been fixed.
5- Fixed the level display problem of Titanium Mine objects.
6- Fixed the issue of not getting loot with level 4 pickaxe in Titanium Mine and Gold Mine objects.
7- Fixed the issue of not being able to start mining on Iron Mine, Titanium Mine and Gold Mine objects.
8- The problems that occurred in the display of the character names during the using mount were fixed.
9- Fixed the bugs where creatures get stuck on objects on the map in the Death Valley region.
10- The problems that occurred in some characters during the use of purchased pets and mounts have been fixed.
11- Precautions were taken for the lag problem, especially in the market areas.
12- General performance improvement was made.
13- Updated the damage of Winged Maiden and Harpy Queen creatures.

Security Update

1- In Macro security, players whose target selection key is blocked have been updated to select only "Monster/Npc" in order to activate the target selection key again.

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