[Patch Notes] 2.0.0

[Patch Notes] 2.0.0



1- Solo Dungeon "Land of Despair" has been activated.

Difficulty - entry level

Easy   > > +55 levels
Hard   > +60 levels
Hell    > +65 levels
Death > +70 levels

Daily entry limit : 2
Your daily entitlements will be reset at 00.00.

2- Group Dungeon "Dragon's Lair" has been activated.

Difficulty - entry level

Easy > +63 levels
Hard > +65 level
Hell   > +68 level
Death > +70 level

Daily entry limit : 1
Your daily entitlements will be reset at 00.00.
You can log in with the party of 8 people you have created.
The boxes of the bosses in the dungeon are unique to each player.

3- You will now be able to send messages to users who are not on the map you are on with the /w name command.
4- You can get the items "Narun Cube, Narun Crystal, Narun Stone, Narun Dust" obtained from the Narun Tower map through the NPC named "Fortune Teller" located on the Dorion map.

5- The price texts of the items sold in the market were grouped by colors.

6- Animation cancel button has been added for players who do not want to wait for the animation during item upgrade.
7- Preview button has been added to the item upgrade screen. When you press the button, you will be able to see the next level of the Item.
8- Now you will be able to see the price of the products you put on the market setup screen.
9- "My merchant" button has been added where you can see the latest status of your items in the market without disturbing your market.


1- The drop mechanic of the bosses in the Death Valley map has been changed. Every player who damages bosses will be able to get drops with the same chance, regardless of how much damage they have done, whether they are in the party or not. Damage information will be reset when players who cause damage die or change channels.

2- XP Boost(Taxi) penalty policy has been published. 19.05.2022 - As of Patch 2.0.0, players who do not abide by the rules will be penalized.

3- Fixed the issue where the character in motion could not hit the enemy with a simple attack(R).
4- Fixed the issue of exiting the target after the enemy dies.
5- Fixed the issue where the clan max player limit was 36. Current limit is 40.
6- Fixed the incorrect attack power value of War Scythe.
7- The exp rates from missions have been increased on all maps except Dorion.
8- The ability to use the "Empaty" skill in the Priest class has been disabled.
9- 2 bosses (Naiad, Chupabat) have been added to the Death Valley map that solo players can easily kill.

10- Crafting system is temporarily put into maintenance mode. With the next patch, the deficiencies in the profession system will be eliminated.
11- Fixed the green exclamation point appearing on the map when the quests are completed.
12- When the player tries to teleport to a channel that is full, he will receive the error "zone full".
13- Fixed the problem of not spawning creatures on the 4th floor of Narun tower.
14- Fixed visual issue with Ancient Sledgehammer.
15- The visual issue in the Judgment Shield item has been fixed.
16- The visual issue in Small Shield has been fixed.
17- The visual issue in the Mage Elite Boots item has been fixed.
18- Fixed the visual issue in the Overlord Boss.
19- Now, % health values ??of the players you choose will appear in the HP bars.
20- You will now be able to see the duration of Unbroken Pets or Mounts in the hint window.
21- The error message that appears on the OTP screen at login has been edited and the problem of not detecting "enter" after entering the otp code has been fixed.
22- You will be able to see the details of the transaction you have made while receiving or putting money from the bank in the right info bar.
23- When the players tried to throw auxiliary abilities such as Dash, Resistence, Buff and Defense to the members of the party, it did not give any warning if it was present in the teammate.
24- The display error that occurred when using potions while selling items in NPC has been fixed.
25- Fixed a typo in the channel change option when minimap is minimized.
26- The visual problem in the unfinished quests section of the quest window has been fixed.
27- Fixed the issue where the market stall changes direction when the market is set up near monsters and is selected as the target.
28- When you reset your abilities, the problem that you selected by right-clicking is not reset has been fixed.
29- The instant white UI problem has been fixed when you enter the party.
30- The screen problem that occurs when you enlarge the ticket page has been fixed.
31- The problem of long messages written in the chat overflowing from the chat box has been fixed.
32- Since the left click activates the automatic run while playing the map on the big map screen, the playback function has been taken to the right button.
33- Fixed typos in the Professions section.
34- When you reset the widget while in the party state, the problem of the party bar disappearing has been fixed.
35- The problem that the texts written in the 33-Chat macro box are deleted when the map is changed has been fixed.
36- Chat macro shortcut is set to "é" key by default. You can change the default key in settings.
37- Length limit has been applied to the texts written in the chat macro box.
38- When the widget is reset, the enemy health bar is not fixed.
39- In the Death Valley map, the level indicator on the enemy health bar has been turned off.
40- Item display limit (50-100-150) has been added to the Auction house interface.
41- Weapon FX in general has been made more specific.
42- Fixed the issue where the character would walk backwards when selecting the "Teleport" region of the Lunascar race in Death Valley.
43- Fixed the issue where the creatures were stuck in Death Valley and the Mage class couldn't "Teleport" in some areas.
44- Protean & Lunaskar Rogue animation speed increased when male character uses "Dash" ability. Adjustments were made to the running animation.
45- Fixed the problem of minimap shrinking setting not saving when you exit the game.
46- The red effect that appears when the character's HP drops to 30% has been made more pronounced.
47- The color temperature of all maps has been increased and made more vivid including FXs and Assets.
48- Fixed the issue where the "Harpy Queen" creature on the Protean kingdom map would spawn inside a wall.
49- Fixed the typos in the skill descriptions.
50- Fixed an issue with the attack abilities of the creature named Clanguard.
51- Fixed the issue with 50% repair and 25% repair items obtained from the Craft system.
52- Guard tower areas located in Lunaskar-Protean safe zones on the Death Valley map have been adjusted.
53- The bonus bug given by the Brawler's Earring item has been fixed.
54- Fixed the error encountered in the usage time of the Grilled perch item.
55- Fixed the surrender issue in the Frozen threat III quest.
56- The bonuses given by Bluewing and Vixen bow items have been updated to poison damage until the next patch.
57- The appearance of the warrior class weapon and priest class shield obtained from the 55- 53 Level quest has been changed.
58- Red Snapper and Pinfish items' health recovery issue has been fixed.
59- Fixed the issue where the character that spawned when Dispel was cast on players who were exposed to Debuff abilities would start with low health.
60- Fixed the display problem when Medium health potion and Big health potion items are placed in the skill bar.
61- Fixed issue with Grilled Perch with Potatoes item working.
62- Fixed the problem of not recording when re-entering the game after muting the sound.
63- Fixed the problem of going on cooldown when priest Revive skill is used while there is no target.
64- Fixed the problem of sticking to the mouse when moving the HP bar.
65- The problem that the chat and log bar is not locked when you re-login to the game has been fixed.
66- Durability issue in Rare and Epic stick items has been fixed.
67- HP bar and Target bar locking option has been added to the game settings.
68- The size of the Blade [Dagger] used by the Rogue class has been increased.
69- The distance of the "Revive and Resurrect" abilities in the Priest class has been updated to 5 meters.
70- A 3% tax will be deducted from the products you sell on the normal market.

Security updates

1- Macro security has been improved.
2- Fixed the "macro protection" text not moving on high resolution screens.
3- Fixed an abused bug in the chat system.

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