[Güncelleme Notu] 2.0.5

[Güncelleme Notu] 2.0.5



1- The "Magical Looter " product, which works on the Death Valley battle map and all other maps, has been added to the Store.


2- Fixed the distance error of the field-effect Debuff abilities in the Lunaskar/Priest character.
3- Warlock's Shield item has removed the resistance values that appeared to be in error.
4- The period of use of the Roast Chicken item has been adjusted.
5- Fixed an issue where the Group Dungeon Diabolic Dragon creature did not hit in some areas.
6- The hanging problem in the death animation has been fixed .
7- Fixed the party non-corruption issue in the Crystal Fortress War event.
8- A study was carried out on the late appearance of the fall/rise values in Hp Bar.
9-  A study was conducted on the problem of lag .


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