[Patch Notes] 2.0.8

[Patch Notes] 2.0.8



1- The Crystal Fortress map has been visually adjusted.

2- Fixed bugs found in the single dungeon map.
3- Fixed bugs found in Haddar & Hagard & Death Valley map.
4- Added effects to Rotten Sword & Stone Breaker and Overseer weapons.
5- Item arrangements:

-The Swiftness Set Bonus has been updated since the set bonuses do not have Elemental Damage structure.
New set bonus:
Fire Resistance: 20
Ice Resistance: 20
Lightning Resistance: 20
Poison Resistance: 20

-Updated Magus Set Bonus because set bonuses do not have Elemental Damage.
New set bonus:
HP Bonus: 80
Fire Resistance: 20
Ice Resistance: 20
Lightning Resistance: 20

-The "Health 12" bonus on the Black Soul Pendant has been updated to "Health 5".

6- The item drop rates for Elite Chest, Royal Chest, Gold Chest, Silver Chest and Wooden Chest reward boxes have been adjusted.
7- Added country flags on Supply Merchant NPC.
8- The days and rewards of the Blood Valley event have been activated:
Days: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Rewards: Winner -> Royal Chest Loser -> Elite Chest
9- Reduced the attack range of turrets in the Crystal Fortress map.
10- Improved the loading system of character names on the Death Valley map.
11- A precaution has been brought to the upgrade system. It will ask for captcha after every 50 upgrades.
12- Dungeon rights system has been updated. After users successfully reach the Dungeon map, their access rights will be reduced.
13- Attendance times for events have been updated to 5 minutes.


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