9.3.0 Patch Notes

9.3.0 Patch Notes



1-Deathmatch Event has been activated. Click here to go to the topic.

-Event hours are determined as 03:00 / 11:00 / 17:00 every day.

Unique Rune for the 2nd player
Unique Rune for the 3rd player

Epic Rune for 4th place
Epic Rune for 5th place
6th place player gets Epic Rune
Epic Rune for 7th place

8th place gets a Royal Chest
9th place player Gold Chest
10th place player receives Elite Chest

General Information About the Event

Rooms are for 50 people.
Event duration is 15 minutes.
You must be at least level 70 to participate in the event.
When the room is opened, a 1 minute preparation period will be given.
Rank will be determined according to the number of kills, if the number of kills is equal, the number of deaths will be considered.
You will not be penalised if you leave the event.
You can access the Scoreboard screen by pressing the "ALT" key.

2-In the Inferno Event, the race with more participation is organised to face each other in the last rooms.(For example Lunaskar vs Lunaskar)

The Mount Race event at 3-03:00 has been moved to 06:00.


1-Work was done on the problem of staying on the black screen on the Character Select screen.
2-The coins font in the spin system has been edited
3-Activated instant refresh of the page when receiving items/coins from Auction House/Inbox.
4-The problem of the text in the Description and Clan message in the Clan tab moving out of the window has been fixed.
5-Colouring system has been made according to creature difficulty.
    If the creature level is much lower than your character level, its name is white,
    If the creature's level is lower than your character level, its name is orange,
    If the creature's level is very close to your character level, its name is green,
    If the creature level is more than happy, the creature name will appear red.
6- The feature of putting items in the Bag Expansion with the right mouse shortcut from the inventory has been activated.
7-Adjusted filter settings in the Quest Journal.
8-Spelling errors in the event calendar have been corrected.
9-Character sit/stand animation has been accelerated.
10-There has been a slight adjustment in Gathering, Quarrying.

The changes are listed below:

The number of materials for the stone collection zones in Dorion has not changed, but the obtain rate has been updated (50% Stone, 50% Rough Stone)
The number of materials for stone collection zones in Kingdoms has increased from 6 to 7. Rough stone acquisition rate increased (85% Rough Stone, 15% Iron Ore)
The number of materials for the stone collection zones in Hagard was increased from 6 to 8. Rough stone extraction rate became 75% and Marble extraction rate became 25%)
The number of materials for the collection zones in Death Valley has increased from 6 to 10. Rough stone acquisition rate became 80% and Granite acquisition rate became 20%

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