Alpha 2.2.0 Patch Notes

- The damage of all "Archery" skills to monsters has been increased by 10%.
- Rogue "Camouflage" ability to deal critical damage has been reduced from 150% to 125%.
- Hit rates of "Tripple shot - Penta shot" skills in Rogue class have been increased.
- The drop issue of the creature named Centaur Chieftain has been fixed.
- Dorion's "Faceless" quest not delivering the quest has been fixed.
- The problem of not receiving exp and drops, which occurred when the party leader moved away from the party, was resolved.
- The problem of all members showing the same class icon in the Clan panel has been fixed.
- The problem of getting on stone in the Elder Amphibian slot has been fixed.
- The clan participation menu that appears when right clicked on the opposite race has been corrected.
- The display problem on the "rogue heavy plate helmet" item belonging to the Protean rogue class has been fixed.
- The falling-down problem experienced on the 7th floor of Narun Tower has been fixed.
- A work has been done on the eye strain of the snowy regions on the maps.
- The problem with the duration of effect on Priest "Bolster" and "Iron Skin" abilities has been fixed.

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