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Rise Online World Closed Beta Guide

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The Rise Online World Closed Beta process begins on October 29, 2021. Before we start, let's go over what we're going to do in general.

First of all, for those who still don't know, we deleted your characters in Alpha 2.0. And yes, we also deleted the items on your characters. And yes, your characters in the Closed Beta period will also be deleted, as we move on to the next phase(Open Beta). We thought that your beginner level should be close to the final levels during the Closed Beta period. In this way, you will be able to reach the remaining 1-2 levels by gaining experience points in the dungeons. Your characters will have the highest mission items on them, and you have the chance to find epic and legendary items from mobs and dungeons.

The bug reporting system will be only in-game as in Alpha 2.0. In the picture below, you can see the area to report your errors. Now let's move a little further.


As you know, we have added many new features to the game. If you focus on these issues in the Closed Beta, you can help the process progress faster and help us improve and correct the bugs you find during the test by providing us feedback via the ticket system.

During the process, you must experience the dungeons, craft system, duel system, competition maps, and systems (1vs1, party vs party, clan vs clan) and report the mistakes you encounter here. Even though your suggestions are important to us, firstly we will consider the bugs reported to us and their correction.

Although it is not decided when the process will end. There is always a chance to lengthen or shorten the testing phase, depending on the detection and solution of bugs. Our main aim and wish are that you will have fun in this process and send us as many errors as you can find, and bring the game to the most error-free state. Please do not evaluate the game as the official version. As you know, Rise Online World is still under development.

Problems We Know

Item and Damage Balance: We should, once more, remind you, our game is still in the testing and development phase. For this reason, we still face some problems.
To these, we can first add the item and damages structure. We still haven't reached the desired balance in items and damages, but we want to make a few changes to the item structure after the Closed Beta. For this reason, we will also review the balancing after changing the item structure.

Drop Rates: As you know, we continue to add new content to the game every day. For this reason, the areas where the drops will disperse are increasing every day. When enough content for the official release is fully-added to the game, we will arrange the distribution of the drops after these contents are finalized. In addition, the item structure will also be effective in these drop rates.

Auction House: As we promised before, Auction House will be active in the official version of the game. The infrastructure system is already being prepared, but it is still in inadequate condition to present to you. For this reason, A.H. We'll have to wait a little longer.

Creature Artificial Intelligence: One of the most common problems we encountered in Alpha 2.0 was that creatures were compressed so that they could not be moved in certain areas of the map. Unfortunately, this error can be resolved manually by performing operations in those regions. That's why we need help from our players. Do not hesitate to report to us when you encounter such errors during the Closed Beta process.


Punishment System and Code of Conduct: In Alpha 2.0, we did not have a punishment system, and we did not have a written code of conduct, but the code of conduct we published on our site during the Closed Beta period will be valid.

Closed Beta Frequently Asked Questions

Which Regions Will Access to the Closed Beta?
You can participate in the Closed Beta process from any region of the world. However, we want you to know that our servers are only in Turkey for now.

What languages ??will be in the Closed Beta?
English and Turkish languages ??will be active in the Closed Beta. (We still have some shortcomings in Turkish, as UI updates have been made, but the translation is still in progress.)

Can I post/create content about the Closed Beta?
Of course. You can continue to post and stream content about the game during the Closed Beta period.

Can I collect content from the Closed Beta for later release?
Of course, you can collect. However, our game is still in development, and the content you collect may be out of date and outdated in the next processes.

How will you choose people who apply for Closed Beta?
Before the Closed Beta starts, we will randomly select the first eligible users and reach them via email. While the Closed Beta continues, new participants will join us randomly. So don't forget to check your email notifications!

Will there be any rewards for users participating in the Closed Beta?
Yes, our users who spent a minimum of 10 hours with us in the Closed Beta will be given the title of [CBT Tester], which they can use in the further stages of the game, and the title of [Bug Hunter] will be given to our users with a minimum of 5 positive reports.

Hope to meet you at Dorion on October 29th!

Rokogame Studios Team

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