Rise Online World Closed Beta Event Ends!

Rise Online World Closed Beta Event Ends!


We have come to the end of the Rise Online World Beta Event. The event will end on February 14, 2022 at 21:00(GMT +3). We would like to thank all our players who were with us throughout the event and congratulate our winners. Now let's see what happens after the event.

How will I get the Roco Tokens I collected during the event?

As you know, we used the Avax testnet during the event, and this allowed us to see potential problems with the real network in the future. All the tokens you collect are fully available in our database. When the test network is closed and the real network is switched, you will be able to get the tokens you collected during the event by connecting your metamask wallet to the Rise Online World website.

Two points are very important for you to get your gains. The first of these is to right-click on the Rocos you collect in the game and exchange them. Do not forget to do this until the end of the event. Unfortunately, non-redeemable tokens will not be transferred to your real network account. Second, log in to the Rise Online World website and link a Roco wallet address to your account. For this, it is important to install the Chrome extension Metamask.

Metamask Wallet Connection

Viewing Rocos

You can get support from this video about Metamask Installation.

As a result of the event, I won an NFT Cloak. How will I get these?

Your cloaks earned from the event will be reflected in your wallets at the end of the event, together with the real network, and will be viewable at https://marketplace.riseonlineworld.com/wallet. Again, as we mentioned above, it is important to connect your Roco wallets to your Rise Online World account via Metamask. After the transition to the real network, you will see 3 options on the NFTs you have on the market. “Rent”, “Sell” and “In-Game”. With these options, you can instantly sell your NFTs, rent them or use them in the game. But be careful, you cannot sell or rent your NFTs while you are using them in the game.

The first award-winning event of Rise Online World has come to an end. After the event, the game will probably remain open for 1-2 days and we will make our final updates. Afterwards, we entered a working process and we are together again in April with the name of Rise Online World Early Access. There will be no character resets in this process.

In April, in Dorion!

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