Rise Online World Community

Rise Online World Community


Rise Online World Community


*Closed Beta will start on October 29, 2021.

Greetings Rise Online World players!

We are only a few days away from reaching the borders of Aarvad again. What could be better than spending these last days meeting the players? So where will we meet them? Of course, on the Rise Online World community and social media channels. Below, we will list the channels where you can meet the community one by one.



Official Forum

The official forum is one of the main platforms where most of the players are. The only platform where in-game content is shared and requests, complaints and suggestions are shared. If you don't have a clan yet or if you are looking for strong warriors for your clan, we are sure that the official forum will be your indispensable!

Rise Online World Discord Server

Discord may be one of our favorite platforms as a team. We usually prefer this place for instant written and voice communication with the players. If you're thinking about how to reach the dev team the fastest, you should definitely take a look at Discord.



By following our social media accounts, you can instantly access the most up-to-date content.


Thank you all for being part of the community and for your support so far. Let's meet at Dorion!

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