Alpha 2.5.0 Patch Notes

Alpha 2.5.0 Patch Notes


- The event map "Crystal Fortress" has been added. You can find detailed information on the link. An information window containing the rules will be opened at every entrance to the event.

- The "Looking for party" option in the left submenu has been activated.

- The information on which map each mission is on has been added to the task list.

- Arrangements have been made to keep players invisible and towers not attacking on the Death Valley map.

- Pets names have been updated to orange color.

- Only the skill and hitting sounds performed with the sword have been added to the Warrior class. The sounds of other weapons are under construction.

- The error that occurred after using the "Restoration" ability of the Priest class has been fixed.

- Adjustments were made to the market system.

- Alphabetical order has been added to the list of players in the Clan menu.

- Areas where some creatures were reported to be stuck fixed.

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