Closed Beta 3.6.0 Patch Notes

Closed Beta 3.6.0 Patch Notes


Performance and Graphics

1- New graphic profile (Ultra) has been added for players with high end GPU to reach 100% of the GPU utilization as they want. To activate it do the following:
     - From the Settings -> Video -> Graphics category then choose Ultra from the Profile.
     - In the Advanced category set FPS Limit to be Unlimited.
     - If the AMD FSR 1.0 is active please close it or choose Sharpness Only.
     - (Optional) you can check the Next-Gen Temporal AA.

* Notes for this point:
- There is no difference between Alpha 2 and Closed Beta. the only difference is that Closed Beta well optimized for low end machines.
- Many players reporting us at the Alpha 2 that GPU utilization is 100% and the temperature is so high. Because of this we added the fixed FPS limit.
- If your GPU is not reaching 100% utilization it is not meaning that your GPU is not working well or that you have a CPU bottleneck.
- The FPS calculation inside unreal engine is dependant on 3 parameters. The Game Thread, The Render (Draw) Thread and the GPU time. So if you have a high end GPU but you have a low end CPU your Game time will be higher than the GPU time and the frame claculation will depend on the Higher value (Game time).

2- Party widget has been optimized.

3- We made a modification on the unreal engine to decrease the CPU utilization. So you must notice a decrease by 10% in some old machenes (With 4 cores).

Event Updates

When we checked the rewards, we realized that you can't reach the PvE rewards very easily. Therefore; 3 NFT Cloak rewards in PvE rewards have been increased to 20. In addition, the areas where you can find these capes are restricted to the following areas.

     -Solo Dungeon Boss
     -Group Dungeon final Boss
     -Bosses on all maps

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