Closed Beta 3.7.0 Patch Notes

Closed Beta 3.7.0 Patch Notes


Problem at displaying chat logs and system logs has been fixed.
Problem of deleting the file pakchunk46-WindowsClient_15_P.pak and restart the launcher has been fixed.
Our game settings has been reset for all players (It is not a bug) because we will activate "Windowed Fullscreen" mode by default. We are suspecting that "FullScreen" mode crashing in machines which contain integrated GPU.
We will open RiseTestServer. This server will be accessed only by our testers for testing the patches before publishing it to all players.

Skill Adjustments
Mage class, Fire subclass, Fire Surge skill has been changed. As of the patch, this skill will have the ability to recharge as much as the damage done, and this feature will not work on creatures.
Added animation cancellation feature to Archer subclass's area skills.

Bugs and Adjustments
Fixed some bugs in the group dungeon map.
The game interface has been made clearer and optimization studies have been made.

The duel system has been improved. You will now be able to duel in exchange of Roko Tokens or game money in duels that you can do instantly on the map.

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