King of Duel

King of Duel


- The event will last 10 minutes in total.

- The first player to reach 3 points during the event (1 point per death) or the player with the highest score at the end of the event period wins the event.

- Waiting in the starting zone is forbidden!

     *If you stay in the starting zone for more than 50 seconds, the arena will start poisoning you. The longer the cooldown, the more damage you receive from the poison.

     *If the poison kills you, your opponent gets 1 point.

     *After leaving the starting zone, the arena doors close and your only way out is; to die or to be killed!

- In the event, you only match with the same class of the enemy race.

- For now, the event level limit is minimum 60. It will be integrated into all levels in the future.

- The event reward is somewhat representative for the time being. (We did not think that we will make Experience Increase Scroll free ...) A more satisfying reward will be waiting for you in the next patch.

- The activity will be tested during the day.

- And finally, like the whole game, this activity is also in the testing phase. So don't forget to report any errors you see to us. Have fun already!

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