Xmas Snowman Etkinliği

Xmas Snowman Etkinliği


Xmas Snowman Etkinliği 

It will spawn in 9 different regions on the Dorion map, marked with a yellow dot below.
You will only be able to kill these creatures with "R" Auto Attack.

Snowman Drops;
100% Snowball
40% Snowball (i.e. you have a chance to get 2 snowballs from a box)
2% Charcoal (charcoal)
1% Carrot
2% Branch(Branch)
20% Bingo Number (you use in bingo event)
You will be able to obtain it.
The numbers you obtain cannot be traded, transferred to another account or side character.


Making a Snowman;

To make a snowman;
10x Snowball
2x Branch
2x Charcoal
1x Carrot

You can make snowmen from the Craft Xmas Menu. Depending on the number of snowmen you will obtain, you can win various rewards from the NPC named Darcia in dorion.

How to get a branch?
You can get Christmas trees by branching or trading by slashing level 1 or higher with an axe.

How to get Charcoal?
You can get it within the carpentry profession or through trade.

How is Carrot obtained?
You can obtain it through gathering or trading.

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