Xmas Bingo! Etkinliği

Xmas Bingo! Etkinliği


Xmas Bingo! Event

You can use the bingo numbers you get from the snowmen by right-clicking them.
If you have this number on your card, it will be marked automatically, you cannot use the numbers that are not on your card in another field. You can trash it.




bingo 1.png

Each account can have 1 Bingo card. With each bingo card, you will be able to make 3 zincs and win 3 different rewards (10x HP, P.Def and Heroism Scroll).
Every user who makes bingo is entitled to buy a ticket to participate in the big draw. You can buy the ticket for 10 M. When you buy a ticket, the system will generate a ticket number for you.

Grand Sweepstakes Prizes;

1. Gaming PC
2. Gaming Monitor
3-10. Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Set
10-20. Gaming Headset
20-50. 4,140 Rise Cash

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