Xmas Santa Claus Etkinliği

Xmas Santa Claus Etkinliği


Xmas Santa Claus Event

The player/party that deals the most damage that will spawn approximately every 1 hour on the Death Valley map wins the box.


Santa Claus drops:
100% Present* (40% Epic weapon, 5% unique weapon (except exclusive ones; like Reaper), 5% rare or epic jewelry, 10% chance of HP*, P.Def* and Heroism* scrolls from these gift boxes and 20% chance to get Candy Cane)
25% Candy Cane
5% Xmas Cloak Box

*Present: Santa Claus gift box.
*Xmas HP Scroll: 2750 Max HP Buff for 1 hour
*Xmas P. Def Scroll: 325 P.Def Buffs for 1 hour
*Heroism Scroll: Gives all your stats +10 Points for 1 hour.
*Xmas Cloak Box: A cosmetic-collectible cloak that you can obtain permanently. Bonus cannot be added to this item.

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