9.0.4 Patch Notes

9.0.4 Patch Notes


* The 15% Bonus campaign, which is active for the first time in the history of Rise Online World, valid for "All Rise Cash Products" has started.

* Blood Valley event, which was scheduled to open on March 15, has been moved to March 5. 

* Kingdom vaults have been reset on Galia and Mantis servers. New kingdom elections will start on March 5th.


1-The quest to kill 50 enemies per day on the Death Valley map has been activated.
The quest can be obtained from (Quest)Dua and (Quest)Gurang by players between level 74 - 76.
The quest will be active every day between 19:00-01:00.
The reward is closed for trading.


Chest of Development box contents:

Skill book,Common Rune,Basic Attack Scroll,Basic Defense Scroll,Epic Upgrade Scroll,Epic Weapon Shard,Rare Rune,Unique Weapon Shard,Unique Upgrade Scroll,300 Defense Increase,2500 Max HP Increase,Heroism Scroll,Tome of Destruction,Rare Weapon Shard,Epic Rune, Royal Chest,Elite Chest,Hatred's Blade (+1),Arch Sword (+1),Hand Axe of Minotaur (+1),Earthshaker (+1),War Scythe (+1),Vixen (+1),Bluewing (+1),Golden Snake (+1),Brutal Impaler (+1),Facelifter (+1),Unique Rune,Rare Accessory Shard,Exalted Hatred's Blade (+1), Exalted Swiftblade (+1),Exalted Doombringer (+1),Exalted Ruby Axe (+1),Exalted Earthshaker (+1),Exalted Harpoon (+1),Exalted War Scythe (+1),Exalted Vixen (+1),Silver Bar,Arcana Scroll,Epic Accessory Shard,Dark Mamba (+1),Viper (+1),Axe of Destruction (+1), Scimitar (+1),Stormbringer (+1),Kaleb's Hate (+1),Luna's Fire Rod (+1),Luna's Glaze Rod (+1),Luna's Flash Rod (+1),Judgment Shield (+1),Shield of Prophecy (+1),Sermon's Scepter (+1),Warbow (+1),Jade Sword (+1),Unique Accessory Shard,Tome of ability,Golden Bar

*You can do the task in the scanned areas in the screenshot.

2-Haddar Lighlands 5 and Hagard Castle 5 channels have been activated.
Only players with a season score of 5,000 and above will be able to enter these channels.
The amount required to enter the channel may change in the future.

3-Talent bar recording system has been activated. (You can use this feature every 10 minutes.)

4-The server name you are on has been added to the upper right corner.

5-Magical Looter and Matta FX hiding feature has been added.

6-Party Bar has been updated. When the durability of the items of the players in the party drops to zero, the following icon will appear next to the character name.



1-Fixed the problem of not registering in Clan / Item cloak options.
2-Fixed the problem of premium not showing up for some players in dungeons.
3-Skill/Stat fast pass registration buttons have been activated.
4-Fixed click-to-close bugs in the Lotion Merchant, Supply Merchant, Storage Keeper NPCs and the Crafting window.
5-Mount Race event rewards have been changed. Now only players who finish the race between rank 4-10 will receive Treasure Tokens. 
6-Removed the Skill Book item from monuments on the Death Valley map. Instead, 4 new mini bosses spawning every 4 minutes have been added to the Death Valley map. You will be able to obtain Skill Books from these creatures. These creatures will only be active in Death Valley 1 and Death Valley 2 channels. Drop rate is 15%, 30% if you have Farm Premium.(Lizardbane,Wyrmcaster,Lizardflame,Lizardblade)

7-Rogue class quest weapon "Assassin Dagger" item's repair fee has been increased.
8-The pearls in the Dragon's Lair dungeon can be broken when inserted into the slot has been removed.
9-If you are a Battle or XP Premium owner, no money will be deducted from the skill/stat reset process even if you reset in another premium where a fee is required. (The amount of coins with the transaction fee will appear on the screen, but the transaction fee will not be deducted.)
10-Arcana Scroll has been enabled to be deleted from inventory when placed in the upgrade window.
11-Fixed the issue where the abilities in the Mount Race event were not deleted in Bag Expansion.
12-Work has been done on the problem of the characters in the party not appearing when R.O.W.A is active.
13-Revised the flare FX of the Lance of the Champion, Hellreaver and Enhanced Hellreaver weapons at +8 and +9.
14-Work has been done to minimize the problem of collection objects not appearing underground.
15-A HP Bonus has been added to each level of the Aurora Belt item (200-240-280-320-360-400)
16-Valiant and Obsidian prefixes have been updated. Click here to see the current bonuses. 
17-Death Valley map spawn areas for Protean and Lunaskar regions have been adjusted to be more fair according to their distance. 
18-Work has been done on the problem of falling to the ground when using the "Blink" ability in the Mount Race event.
19-Exalted and Superior Exalted items have been added to the game. They can be obtained from Crafting > WeaponCrafting and Chest Of Development box.
20-Season point reset on Aarvad, Galia and Mantis servers.( Season point rewards will only be sent for Aarvad server. For Galia and Mantis servers, this event started on March 1, 2024).

Profession and Regulations

* Weapon Smithing and Jewel Crafting professions have been fully updated. 
* Archaeology update is live. Click here for the updated infographic.
* Fishing items "Puffer", "Blue Marlin" and "Swordfish" have been updated. Click here for the current infographic. 
* In the Carpentry profession; Holy Wood collection and processing level has been updated to Lv10, Firefly Wood collection and processing level to Lv20, Soulsage collection and processing level to Lv30. Charcoal processing levels have been updated to Lv1-10-20-30 respectively.
* In the Smelting profession; Iron Bar processing level has been updated to Lv10, Silver collection and processing level to Lv10, Gold collection and processing level to Lv20.
* In the Stonemasonry profession; Marble Block crafting level has been updated to Lv20, Granite Block crafting level has been updated to Lv30.
* Added bartering options for the Cooking profession to Crafting>Others.
* Stone chests that you can obtain by trading certain materials have been added to Crafting>Others. You can obtain items called "Rare stone" from these chests. These rare stones have been removed from the drop pool of in-game creatures and other chests. Click here for detailed information.
* Removed wood, iron and leather trade options from Crafting > Others. 
* Ancient Tree, Ancient Mine and Ancient Stone collection objects have been added to Death Valley. Click here for detailed information.
* Removed Lamb Cutlet from the Cooking profession.
* Bonuses for Roasted Corn, Roasted Potato, Salmon in Tomato Sauce, Grilled Perch with Potatoes and Egg Stuffed Peppers items in the Cooking profession have been activated.
* Fixed incorrect Marble Block and Granite Block recipes in the Stonemasonry section of the crafting UI.
* Fixed bugs with collection items such as "Holy Wood, Firefly Wood, Soulsage, Silver" in the Death Valley area.
* Fixed the material count of the "Elephant" collection object in the Hagard region to 10.
* Fixed the incorrect production time and cooldown time entries in the crafting UI by replacing them. 

Account Security

* If you are not using a security method for your current logins other than your computer, a login verification code will be sent to your e-mail address registered in your account.
* If you use the verification option via e-mail, the verification codes sent to you are valid for 24 hours. Unless you log in from a different computer, you will be able to log in to your account for 24 hours with the verification code sent.


1st Month Celebration and Ramadan Events calendar has been shared. Click here for details.



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