9.1.0 Patch Notes

9.1.0 Patch Notes



1- Skill Recovery Scroll has been activated. It allows you to turn off the skills you activated in your old race and transfer them to the opposite race. Details 


2- Battle Point gain has been turned off for characters waiting in the main hub zones on the Death Valley map.


New dungeon level added. Heroic! Click here for detailed information. 


1- Fixed the problem that when you change the server, the name of your old server appears.
2- Fixed the problem of newly opened characters going to maps other than Dorion.
3- Fixed the problem of characters being invisible on the mount.
4- Creatures with locking ability in the Mount Race event have been arranged to lock only 2 people.
5- The use of Blink and Swap abilities on bridges and in the labyrinth in the Mount Race event has been disabled.
6- The error in switching with the "Shift" shortcut when changing the location of the players in the party bar has been fixed.
7- Clan Dungeon level selection system has been removed. The room will open automatically according to the clan level.
8- The problem of not being able to send a private message to the player through the Clan interface has been fixed.
9- Unblock feature has been added to the Private Message/Settings section.
10- The +7 +8 and +9 level FX of Brutal Impaler and Kaleb's Hate weapons have been revised.
11- Fixed a bug where characters' names sometimes did not appear.
12- Fixed the problem that messages still appear when "Shout" is turned off in the Chat Settings window.
13- Improvements have been made in moving widgets.
14- 60 seconds cool-down time has been added to the item named "Carp".
15- Ramadan Events have been activated.








Ramadan Cloak has been activated. You can get it from Twitch events and the Plague Beast creature.

The respawn time is 1 hour.It will only spawn on the Death Valley 1 map.You can only get Ramadan Cloak Box from the creature.You can open the box in the Fortuna Teller NPC.The duration of the cloak that can come out of the box is 7, 15 and 30 days.When the Ramadan event ends, the box will be uncracked.



16- Fixed the issue with crafting epic items in Crafting/Weaponsmithing section.
17- Fixed the issue where cursed items could not be extracted from ExcavationSite (Lv.+10) gathering objects in Haddar and Hagard regions.
18- Fixed the problem that the silver and gold collecting objects on the Death Valley map appear to be 3 pieces.
19- Old Marble and Old Granite trades have been added to Crafting > Others for Aarvad server.
20- Updated/fixed the excavation area with old material pool in Hagard.
21- "Menemen" has been removed from production. You will be able to continue using "Menemen with Onion".
22- The "Gathering Speed Potion" item in the "Alchemy" production list has been updated to "Small Crafting Speed Potion".
23- The descriptions of the gathering tools with the "Enhanced" prefix have been edited and their bonuses have been specified.
24- Removed the level limit (65) from the "Asparagus with Poached Egg" item.
25- "Stealth Potion" and "Lullaby Potion" descriptions have been edited.
26- Updated the items required to craft the "Rare Stone Chest" and "Royal Stone Chest" items.
27- "Epic" quality weapons in the Weapon Smithing profession have been updated to +3 grade.
28- "Common" quality armor in the Tailoring profession has been updated to +5 grade and "Rare" quality armor has been updated to +3 grade.
29- Armors in the Leatherworking profession have been updated to +3 grade.
30- Added the possibility of obtaining multiple copies of "Confuse Potion, Small Valor Potion and Medium Valor Potion" in the Alchemy profession

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