[Patch Notes] 3.3.1

[Patch Notes] 3.3.1


[Patch Notes] 3.3.1

[General Adjustments]
* Dungeon attempts reset time has been updated to 12:00 (GMT+3) noon so that the battle events held in the evening at the request of the player are not interrupted.
* Blood Valley War matching system has been updated. If you're in a party right before you enter the event map, you'll most likely to be participated with your party members in the same event map.
* Crystal Fortress War matching system has been updated. You will now be accepted based on your seasonal battle points. 
* You'll no need to wait to win once your all opponents escaped from Crystal Fortress War. 
* In CFW and BVW events, after both factions are matched, players who are left behind in any race will be matched among themselves, even if they're in the same faction.
* "Vixen" has been added into Flame Rock drop pool in Death Valley.
* Ancient items have been added into "Stinger, Lizardman and Black Mummy" drop pools. You can sell Ancient items to the NPCs for a higher price than other items. 
* Selling prices of Ancient items have been increased.
* Physical defense of Undead King has been decreased.

[Skill Adjustments]
* Dispel skill will no longer fill your max HP.
* Fixed the problem where you cannot use healing skills and healing potions at the same time.

[UI/UX Adjustments]
* Added an option that you can hide your head gear in the game. That will not affect other players. Once you move to another map or log off, it'll revert to default.

* Player HUD has been re-activated.
* Fixed the problem where you get 1v1 duel confirmations while you've already blocked duels in the settings. 
* Fixed the problem of not being able to move when you move the mouse cursor to the quest window that appears on the screen while you have active quests.

[Crafting Updates-I]
* Added the possibility to burn the food while you cook. It changes from 2% to 10% depending on the level of meal. 
* Cooking recipes have been updated.
* 6 new meals have been added. Cream of Asparagus Soup (Lv20), Filet Mignon (Lv22), Bacon Wrapped Asparagus (Lv22), Egg Stuffed Peppers (Lv30), Zucchini with Sauce (Lv38), Beef Bourguignon (Lv40).
* Wine has been added to Cooking recipes. 
* Updated the feature of Baked Lobster provides. (Increases BP Bonus gain per kill by 3 for 20 min).
* Updated the feature of Meat Skewer provides. (Increases health regeneration by 60 for 5 min).
* Updated the feature of Carrot Soup provides. (Increases woodcutting speed by 5% for 10 min).
* Updated the feature of Cream of Mushroom Soup provides. (Increases herbalism XP gain by 7% for 10 min).
* Updated the feature of Sweet Corn Soup provides. (Increases harvesting XP gain by 5% for 10 min).
* Updated the feature of Fish Soup provides. (Increases fishing XP gain by 10% for 10 min).
* An exchange system will be into crafting menu for a period of time in the future patches where players can exchange their soups (updated, had resistances) with resistance potions. 
* Two new potions have been added to Alchemy: Sleeping Potion (Lv24), Lullaby Potion (Lv32).
* XP gained from potion production of Lv10 and higher in Alchemy have been increased by approximately 20%. It'll be activated later. 

[Gathering Hotfix]
* Updated the amount of gathering objects on all maps except Dorion.  
* 100% XP Bonus has been activated on gathering objects in Death Valley. 
* Two new fishing spots have been added to Death Valley. All the fishing spots have the same seafoods 
* Fixed the problems on fishing spots in Death Valley. 
* Improved the catch rates of some seafoods in Death Valley.
* The requirement level of Elite Fishing Rod has been changed (Lv30 -> Lv20).
* Decreased the amount of Aarvad Leaves on trees by 1. 
* Updated the material amount on excavation sites. Obtaining the chance of some materials have been updated on Lv3 and Lv4 excavation sites.

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