Alfa 2.3.1 Patch Notes

Alfa 2.3.1 Patch Notes


- The issue where the pop-up menu does not close when right clicking on the player has been fixed.
- The non-delivery issue that occurred in "Bear bug, Ganolight slain" missions has been fixed.
- Fixed the issue where items that cannot be operated on the Repair screen are repaired.
- The problem of not refreshing the icon in the detail section of the repaired item has been fixed.
- Fixed the issue where characters were invulnerable for 10 seconds on the Death Valley map.
- Warrior class skill descriptions issues have been fixed.
- Items in the bag section of the Inventory have been made repairable.
- The skill "Defense Boost" in the Warrior class has been updated to 100 defense points.
- Mage's "Fire Ball, Fire Bolt, Fire Wave, Ice Ball, Ice Bolt, Ice Skin" skills have been revised.
- Mage "Fire, Glacier" skill sounds have been added. (Other skill, environment, etc. sounds continue to be added)
- The creature stuttering issues that occurred in some parts of the maps have been fixed. (Reported regions continue to be corrected)
- Characters that had trouble establishing markets have been fixed. (Our users who still have problems after the patch can report it to our moderator friends via Discord.)
- Studies continue for the problems experienced in the offline market system. (Do not put your valuables on the market in this process)
- Fixed the failed issue that occurred when using the Mage class abilities fast.
- The bug in using party heal, party buff and party defender skills of Priest class has been fixed.
- The cooldown of "Maim" of the Warrior class has been updated to 25 seconds.
- The description bug in the "Vanish" skill of the Rogue class has been fixed.
- The duration of the ability "Sprint" in all classes has been updated to 10 seconds.
- The counting issue in the "Defeat Gravecrawlers" quest has been fixed.
- We are aware of the problem of slow use of Priest class abilities. Studies continue.

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